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Sniper Elite 4 – How to Get the Mausoleum Key

by Josh Hawkins

During the second mission of Sniper Elite 4, players can complete an optional objective which tasks them with checking a nearby graveyard. When players arrive at the graveyard they will find a gate blocking their way into a mausoleum that can only be opened by obtaining the Mausoleum Key. In this article we’ll go over everything you need to do to get the Mausoleum Key in Sniper Elite 4 and gain entry into the mausoleum, which will help you complete this optional objective.

How to Enter the Mausoleum

While the main gate states that players will need to find the Mausoleum Key to enter, there is another way to gain entry to the confines of the old crypt inside. Throughout our time with the second mission we were unable to find any mention of the key elsewhere, and thus were unable to actually locate it and obtain it. Thankfully, you don’t really need the key to gain access to the mausoleum and the items that it holds.

Instead of worrying about the key, turn to your left and make your way along the wall, this will lead you to the end of the mausoleum. Here you will find a brick wall that has several holes in it. If you step up close to it then Karl will mention that maybe the Partisan HQ has something he can use to blow down the wall.

Head out of the graveyard and make your way to the HQ. If you’ve already been to the HQ, then you can skip this section. There are several enemies between you and the HQ, so take them out silently until it is clear to pass into the HQ undetected. Once inside, head to the corner and interact with the box to gain a Satchel Charge, which can be used to blow the wall open.

With the Satchel Charge in hand, make your way back to the broken wall and interact with it. Don’t bother placing a timer on the Satchel Charge, instead just step back a little, aim your pistol and shoot. This will destroy the wall, allowing you access to the mausoleum inside. There are plenty of goodies, like ammunition, grenades, and even a few bandages to be found inside, so it’s worth a visit if you are starting to run low. Make sure to grab it all before heading back out into battle.

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