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Sniper Elite 4 – Complete Pistol List

by Josh Hawkins

Your pistol is your last line of defense when it comes to combat in Sniper Elite 4. Sometimes you’ll need to rely on this trusty weapon to help you take down a tough enemy before they have a chance to call out to their nearby allies. That means you’ll want to make sure you’re equipping the best pistol in the game, so we’ve put together this complete list of all seven of the pistols included in Sniper Elite 4.


The first pistol that you unlock, the Welrod is a bolt-action pistol with common stats. It offers an 8-round magazine, fair damage, a decent range and high accuracy. It is also suppressed by default, making it a great option for silently killing enemies who come to close to your position. This weapon will serve you well throughout your time in Sniper Elite 4, so don’t be afraid to sport it.

Webley MKVI

If you want more stopping power and don’t mind losing a few rounds per magazine, then the Webley MKVI is a perfect match for your playstyle. It offers a higher damage output, higher accuracy, as well as a higher range and rate of fire. The muzzle velocity is lower and the weapon is not suppressed, which means enemies will hear any shots you take. It only costs $3 to unlock this single action revolver in the loadout menu.

Army Pistol 38

This semi-automatic pistol offers plenty of ways to take on your enemies. If you aren’t happy with the Welrod’s rate of fire or range, but want a pistol that still offers suppressed rounds, then the Army Pistol 38 is a good place to start. Like many of the rifles featured in our full rifle list, this weapon can easily be toggled between normal and suppressed ammunition, making it easy to adapt to the situation. It only costs $3 to unlock and offers a higher muzzle velocity, range and recoil dampening when compared to the base weapon.

Luger P08

The chosen pistol of German Officers, this weapon can only be unlocked by meeting a special requirement. This one isn’t easy, though, and will post quite a challenge depending on your skill at the game. To unlock the Luger P08 you will need to kill 10 Officers using melee kills. Doing this will allow you to equip this weapon, which sports a higher damage rate, higher muzzle velocity, accuracy, range and rate of fire when compared to the Welrod. It also allows you to easily swap between normal and suppressed ammunition.


With one less round per magazine, the M1911 might seem like an odd choice for any potential snipers making their way through Sniper Elite 4. It is, in fact, one of the best pistols in the game. When you consider that it can switch between both suppressed and normal ammunition, while also offering a higher damage stat, higher accuracy, range and rate of fire, the M1911 doesn’t look like such a bad choice to make when it comes to preparing your arsenal. It does cost the standard $3 to unlock, though, so make sure you save up.


Another 7-round magazine bearer, the M1934 is a solid backup for when you don’t feel like carrying around the M1911. Its damage, accuracy, recoil dampening, range and rate of fire are all higher than the basic Welrod and it also has the option of switching between normal and suppressed ammunition.


The only other pistol with a built-in suppressor, the HDM is a semi-automatic pistol with 10-rounds per magazine. The damage is lower than that of the Welrod, but it’s increased range and rate of fire more than make up for the addition rounds you’ll need to put into enemies. It also has a lower accuracy stat, which can make hitting targets a bit tricky. You’ll only be able to use this weapon if you own the Silent Warfare Weapons Pack.

All the weapons listed above make up the pistols included in Sniper Elite 4. You can return to our Sniper Elite 4 guide for more help. We also have a complete guide on how to unlock the trench gun, which is a powerful shotgun that can be used to take down German enemies in close quarters combat.

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