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Sniper Elite 4 – All Stone Eagle Locations, A Bird in Hand Achievement

by Josh Hawkins

While your main objective in Sniper Elite 4 is to take out German soldiers and officers, thereby weakening the German’s war machine, there are also an assortment of items that players can find and collect. One of these items, the Stone Eagle, offers a challenging scavenger hunt for players who want to prove their mettle as a sniper. In this article we’ll show you how to locate every Sniper Elite 4 Stone Eagle in the game, as well as the easiest ways to take them out.

What are Stone Eagles

Stone Eagles are an item that players can find and destroy to complete one of the many collection options for each mission. If you want to 100% each level, you’re going to need to know how to find these Stone Eagles and take them down. Destroying all of the Stone Eagles in the main campaign will reward you with the A Bird in Hand trophy.

While most levels have only 3 Stone Eagles, a later level in the game features 9. Below you’ll find step by step instructions, as well as map locations, to help you locate the Stone Eagles and destroy them.

San Celini Island

This particular level only contains three Stone Eagles for players to find and destroy.

Stone Eagle #1

The first Stone Eagle can be found just shortly after you arrive on the island. Continue through the opening area until you reach the first broken tower, which you can use to scout the area below. Look out for another broken tower, which acts another great vantage point, and then take note of the statue that stands on top of the tower’s highest point. Shoot the statue to claim this Stone Eagle.

Stone Eagle #2

The next Stone Eagle can be found when dealing with the German Officer down in the harbor area. Look out for a broken stone tower just south of where you deal with the Officer. The tower itself is located on the cliff overlooking the harbor. This Stone Eagle can be found standing atop the highest point of the tower.

Stone Eagle #3

The final Stone Eagle in this mission can be found along the right-hand side of the map. To find it, locate the stone tower along the southern right-hand corner of the map. This is the tower that overlooks the harbor. It also happens to be the tower where you found the second Stone Eagle. Climb into the tower and then look north to spot another tower off in the distance. This is where you will find the final Stone Eagle. Make your way over to the tower on foot, careful of any German Infantry you might find along the way, and then shoot it to claim it and finish up this level’s Deadeye Targets.

Bitanti Village

Stone Eagle #1

To easily find this Stone Eagle, make your way through the map to the ‘Search the Graveyard’ side objective. This area is located behind a church that is currently undergoing some construction. There is a ladder on the side, near the graveyard, that you can use to reach the second level of the church’s interior. This will allow you to look out over the city through a broken stone glass window. If you use your binoculars, you can look directly in front of you, up on a building’s rooftop to locate this Stone Eagle. Mark it, then wait for the perfect time to take a shot and collect it.

Stone Eagle #2

The second Stone Eagle in this mission can be found shortly after starting the mission. Make your way up the beach towards the ruins of the old building and take out any enemies in your way. We found our suppressed pistol was best for this area, as there aren’t any loud noises around to mask the sound of your rifle.

With the two Infantry in the ruins taken care of, take position along the wall overlooking the small harbor area full of ships. Pull out your binoculars and look for a sandstone arch across the harbor. The Stone Eagle in this area can be found resting midway up the arch. You can use the sound of the boat that passes close by to mask your shots, so wait for the marker to appear on your HUD and then take the shot.

Stone Eagle #3

The third and final Stone Eagle in Bitanti Village can be found on a sailboat off to the left of the map when arriving in the level. After dealing with the enemies around the initial dock area, make your way to the far left side and peer out over the water to spot a sailboat. The Stone Eagle can be found near the rear of the boat. Shoot it to claim it and finish up the collectibles in this level.

Alternatively, you can also take out all three of these Stone Eagles from the starting area. Use your Binoculars to locate and mark them, then take them out with suppressed rounds.

This guide is a work in progress and we will update it with more information once we have discovered additional Stone Eagles in each of the levels.

If you follow the instructions included above you shouldn’t have any issues finding and taking out each of the Stone Eagles hidden throughout the main campaign of Sniper Elite 4. Taking all of these statues out will reward you with the A Bird in Hand achievement. You can return to our Sniper Elite 4 guide for more tips and articles like this, or be sure to check out our guide on how to find all the Duty Roster locations in the game.