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Sniper Elite 4 – All Duty Roster Locations

by Josh Hawkins

In Sniper Elite 4 players must take down various soldiers and officers of the German army. Scattered around the various locations and sometimes hidden on the bodies of these soldiers are various documents like the Duty Roster. In this article we’ll teach you how to locate and obtain all of the Duty Rosters hidden across Sniper Elite 4’s ten levels.

Duty Rosters are important because they help give players a good idea of where to expect the most resistance in the level. They also mark any soldiers still alive that are included in the Officer’s squad, which can be very handy for those trying to mask their movements as much as possible. Below you’ll find detailed instructions of how to find each Officer and even some pointers on how to easily take them out.

San Celini Island

The first level of the game, which serves as a tutorial of sorts, makes it quite easy to find the Duty Rosters and German Officers hidden around the island. We’ve outlined their locations below, though, just in case you have any trouble finding them around the island.

Operation Overview #1

The first Duty Roster that players can find is obtained off the body of a German Officer located around the farmhouse, that is just to the left of the bridge that leads up to the Villa. The officer can be found wandering around the area, so use Rocks or Karl’s Whistle to lure him out. Once he has been located and marked with the Binoculars, wait for him to move somewhere that you can easily loot him and then take him out and search his body to find this collectible.

Operation Overview #2

The second Duty Roster can be found on the body of a German Officer who is located near the vehicle sheds, which can be spotted on the far side of the farmhouse area (near the bridge that leads to the Villa). Look for the Officer to move around near the barn and vehicles, as well as several other soldiers. The easiest way to spot this Officer is to sneak around the area and use your Binoculars. Wait until he is marked, and then you can easily lure him away from the others and take him out quietly. Once he is dead, search his body to obtain the collectible.

Operation Overview #3

Players can obtain the third Duty Roster from the body of a German Officer in the small village below General Schmidt’s Villa. There are around four or five other soldiers in this area, so make sure to move stealthily as much as possible to avoid too much confrontation. Once you locate the Officer, who can usually be found inside a building in the village, you will need to lure him out away from the other buildings so that you can get a clear shot at him and take him down. With the Officer removed from the equation, sneak up and loot his body to grab this Duty Roster.

Operation Overview #4

The fourth Duty Roster, and the final one found in on San Celini Island, can be found on the body of a German Officer located near the harbor area. This is the same area where Karl’s escape boat can be found, and is also marked on the map by a giant objective marker. The easiest way to take out this Officer is to use the explosives near the front of the building beside the dock, as this will usually clear out the Officer and at least one of the other soldiers near him. Once the way is clear, make your way down the cliffside and search his body for the Duty Roster.

This guide is a work in progress and will be updated as we discover the locations of even more Duty Rosters in the game. If you follow the information above, you shouldn’t run into any issues while trying to obtain all of the Duty Rosters in each level. If you find yourself struggling to lure the Officers away, be sure to look around for any help that the environment might offer to help you complete your objective. Sometimes you can use vehicles and other items in the level as distractions to lure the Officers away from their usual patrols and take them out.

Bitanti Village

Operation Overview #1

The first Duty Roster in Bitanti Village is found shortly after landing in the area. Take out the guards in the first area, then use your Binoculars to locate the German Officer making his rounds in the harbor area. If you have trouble finding him, just use the Binoculars to scan him until it advises you of his special items.

Sneak up behind the officer and take him out, or lure him away from the nearby soldiers overlooking the area. Once he is dead, loot his body to find the first Operation Overview in this level. It will also mark any soldiers in that squad on your map.

Operation Overview #2

The next Officer can be found in the square area, where the Partisan HQ is located. Use your Binoculars to mark the Officer and be sure to take out any additional soldiers near you to avoid detection. Once the way is clear, use your pistol and sneak up behind the Officer. Take him out and loot his corpse to find the Duty Roster.

Operation Overview #3

The third Duty Roster can be found on the body of an Officer that takes part in the German vs Partisan fight near the church. Help the Partisans defeat the German troops and then loot the bodies in the area until you locate the Officer and find this Duty Roster.

Operation Overview #4

The final Duty Roster can be found on the body of an Officer patrolling the entrance to the castle, where you have to meet Sofia near the end of the mission. There are several soldiers in the area, so you’ll want to mark them with your Binoculars and take them out as quickly as possible. It won’t be easy, but with a little effort you should be able to locate the Officer, take him down, and then grab the Dusty Roster off his body.

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