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Small Rice Cake Destiny 2 Guide

by Ginny Woo

So, maybe the Dawning and its armor-farming festivities in Destiny 2 have grown a little stale, or maybe you just want a break from the celebrating hordes. Why not go for a jaunt about the Moon? There’s still plenty to do to there, including getting rid of your stash of one particular item – the small rice cake in Destiny 2. Got one and not quite sure what the deal is? Our guide should have you covered. 

Small Rice Cake Destiny 2 Guide

The deal with the small rice cake Destiny 2 item is that it’s essentially something you can hand-in for things, previously this was Phantasmal Fragments when Shadowkeep was hot. If you have small rice cakes, you have to hand them in to the Jade Rabbits on the moon, and handing them off to every single Rabbit you can find is the goal here. We’ve previously put together a guide on where to find all of these Rabbits, which you can check out for ease of access

If you rock up to a Rabbit and you don’t have a small rice cake in hand, you’ll be told that “You lack something.” Now, you might be wondering: how do you get this particular item? It’s pretty easy. We would recommend that you just treat them like any other resource. For one, running amok on the Moon and opening chests have a chance to grant you with a small rice cake or three. Taking part in patrols will have the same effect on top of giving you materials and Glitter.

Feeling a little more combat-minded? You also have the option of killing High Value Targets (which you’re going to have to do anyway in some questlines), and also gunning through any one of the Public Events which will be available. Both have a chance to give you a small rice cake upon completion. Essentially, our recommendation for farming them boils down to being incredibly persistent when it comes to events and activities on the Moon.

Now that you know how to get the small rice cake Destiny 2 item and what to do with them once you’ve got them stockpiled, go off and get those trophies. Need help with anything else about being a Guardian? Check out our following tips and tricks: