Please just do yourselves a favor and add Pokemon to your team in Pokemon Sword and Shield that don't look like the creepiest things to walk the earth. We're begging you. Goomy is a cute little bugger but it doesn't get less unnerving as it goes through its evolutionary stages, mate. Still, if you're committed, then here's how the process of Sliggoo evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield works. 

Sliggoo Evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield - Getting Goodra

So you've got a Sliggoo and you want to evolve it into Goodra. To even obtain a Sliggoo in the first place you're either going to own Pokemon Shield or have someone with that version of the game willing to trade with you. That's right. Goomy, the little amoeba-looking Dragon type, is a version exclusive. If you want a full list of version exclusives, we've got one right here.

Assuming that you've got a Sliggoo, here's how you're going to evolve it into a Goodra. You're going to have to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Sliggoo is Level 50
  2. It's raining when you level up

The second part honestly shouldn't be that difficult. We found ourselves caught in many a downpour while we were just kicking around Galar, and if you're absolutely not wanting to get yourself caught in a battle or you're unsure about the EXP threshold you're going to hit in the rain, just feed it a candy while you're prepping. 

Now that you've got our guide to Sliggoo evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield, making sure that you add a Goodra to your squad shouldn't be too difficult even though we still recommend extreme caution when dealing with these sentient blobs. Need a hand with anything else on your Galarian adventures? Check out these tips and tricks that we've put together: