Skrakk Borderlands 3 Guide – Location and Strategy

If you're looking for an easy Legendary Hunt to take down, then can we suggest this freak of nature? Check out our Skrakk Borderlands 3 guide for tips on how to find and slay this, uh, skrakk.

If you’re looking out for some Legendary Hunt action in Borderlands 3, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Now that we’re done and dusted when it comes to the story, it’s time to put all the fancy guns that we’ve collected to good use by taking down the biggest and baddest enemies that the galaxy has to offer. Check out our Skrakk Borderlands 3 guide to figure out where to find this hybrid animal.

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Skrakk Borderlands 3 Guide – Where to Find

First things first, if you’re after a bad guy like Skrakk, then you’re going to be facing down a beast that’s just the worst of all possible worlds that it inhabits. This thing is part Rakk and Skag, which really means that it’s one ugly dogbird. Yeah, we didn’t really think there was a nice way to phrase that, but there you go.

If you’re looking for Skrakk, the good news is that it’s pretty easy to find on account of being distinctively grotesque. Skrakk is pretty close to Ascension Bluff on Pandora, which is pretty quick to get to thanks to Fast Travel. You’re going to be on home turf, which should make you feel a little bit better about putting this thing down. 

Once you get to Ascension Bluff, you’re going to want to keep due south. Just keep gunning straight for the bottom of the map and you’re going to hit a cliff which is, well, surprise surprise: the only thing between you and Skrakk’s home. Scale the small wall and you’ll come face to face with this bad boy. 

Skrakk Borderlands 3 Guide – Fight Strategy

So the thing that you’re going to want to keep in mind about Skrakk is that it’s actually not all that hard to take care of. However, there’s a bunch of tiny, ugly little dog babies that will be running around and biting at your ankles. These little ankle biters are going to be annoying but taking care of them before you get rid of Skrakk is probably the tea. 

You’ll notice that Skrakk likes to take the approach of trying to carpet bomb you from the sky, and he’s really not all that difficult to dodge so we would recommend taking pot shots at him when he’s kicking around the outside of the arena that you’re in, and boosting it when he’s about to land. We would recommend a sniper rifle as you rinse and repeat this strategy, and soon you’ll be able to make quick work of him. Luckily, there are no real complications to fighting this thing – just sheer persistence and screaming.

Now that you’ve got our Skrakk Borderlands 3 guide to help you take down this freak of nature, it should be a piece of cake once you’ve got it cornered. Need a hand with anything else on Pandora? Check out these other guides that we’ve prepared for you as part of our dedicated guides hub:

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