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SkekSil Borderlands 3 Guide – How to Get This Weapon

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been trying to find things to round out your weapon collection in Borderlands 3, then it’s going to be hard to go past this particular addition to your arsenal. It has the benefit of being tied to one particular boss as well when it comes to drops, so farming it won’t be too much of a time commitment on your part. Of course, we’re talking about the SkekSil Borderlands 3 legendary pistol.

SkekSil Borderlands 3 Guide – How to Get This Weapon

Why would you want to get your hands on the SkekSil? This COV class special is pretty nifty in the sense that its special weapon effect grants something that’s listed as “Get back, spithead!” – the pistol is a burst fire weapon, which means that it’s going to spit out 1-3 bullets that explode and do damage based on its element. 

This particular Legendary weapon is obtainable from pretty much any loot source, which makes it similar to a lot of other rare drops in the sense that you might as well gallivant around Pandora and open up every portable toilet in sight to get it. You can also alternatively farm bosses to pick it up, since the chance of getting it or any other random Legendary from such an endeavor are roughly the same.

However, if you’re smart about it, you might note that this weapon has a higher propensity to drop from one particular boss. Yes, we did mention it earlier – this boss is Skrakk, and you can find the pesky flying creature at Ascension Bluff in Pandora. If you need some help with taking down this beast, we have summarized the fight in a quick few points. Alternatively, you can read this guide that we’ve prepared for just the task:

  • Dodge the projectiles that will rain from the sky
  • Take a sniper rifle to do damage
  • Get rid of the adds before you take down Skrakk
  • Shoot at him when he’s airborne then get back when he lands

Now that you’ve got our tips on how to get the SkekSil Borderlands 3 legendary pistol, why not check out some other guides that we’ve put together for Vault Hunters?

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