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How Many Guns Are in Borderlands 3?

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been enjoying your time with Borderlands 3 after picking it up as a holiday gift, you might be a little curious about just how much, well, shooting there is in this looter-shooter. Of course, we’re talking about how much firepower you have access to. With Mad Moxxi’s DLC on the horizon, it might be important for you to know just what you can use to take revenge on Handsome Jack. Ever wondered how many guns are in Borderlands 3? You might not like the answer. 

How Many Guns Are in Borderlands 3? 

One might remember that not so long ago, the original Borderlands game netted itself a Guinness World Record for having the most guns in a game. Yes, we’re talking 17.75 million. Now, veterans of the series might be curious to see how the latest in Gearbox’s run matches up to that particular number. With each Borderlands game growing in scope, surely we’re no longer running rookie numbers in the mere millions?

Well, it looks like we’ve now hit the tipping point in terms of no return. The Gearbox team has mentioned that there’s likely over a billion guns by now in Borderlands 3, though no specific number has been narrowed down in that range even though they likely could flick something through whatever gets used to procedurally generate all of those bloody weapon variants. If you were ever worried about running out of cool things to shoot enemies with, well, hopefully this answer reassures you that it won’t be the case. 

With cool items like the Red Fang FL4K mod, the Sleeping Giant gun, and Epic pistols like The Leech, there’s plenty of weapon variety in Borderlands 3 that isn’t just limited to the types of elemental damage that different brands of guns can do. Now that you’ve got a rough idea of how many guns are in Borderlands 3, maybe check out one of our other guides to do with kicking around the galaxy on a vault hunting adventure:

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