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The Sims 4 – How to Choose the Best Aspiration

by Prima Games Staff

The Sims 4 is both a complicated and simple game. On one hand, you can jump right in and start having fun without worrying too much about being a responsible adult, but on the other, you could choose to dive right into all the different game concepts for a more complicated (yet rewarding) experience.

Take Aspirations for example. They aren’t the same as Careers, but they can have a positive impact if you happen to match two that are somewhat similar. Even if you go in completely different directions, achieving your Aspiration can have some fairly substantial rewards. Some might allow your Sim to live longer, happier lives, while others could enable you to earn more money.

While we didn’t include Aspirations for children, here are five that you might find especially beneficial due to their Bonus Traits and Rewards.

Athletic Category | Body Builder

We chose this one on our first play through and we couldn’t be happier. Not only does it help our Sim get into tip-top shape due to having a high metabolism, but it also causes them to live longer lives. We paired this Aspiration with the Secret Agent career, where many of the promotions require your Sim to level up his or her Fitness.

Fortune Category | Fabulously Wealthy

This Aspiration is all about earning and having as much money as possible. Right from the start Sims that choose Fabulously Wealthy will earn more money than others, and as a reward will receive a direct deposit based on their household funds. If this sounds ideal, think about the imaginative ways to Make Lots of Money.

Food Category | Master Chef

Unless you plan to Enable Some Cheats, just like their human puppet masters, Sims have to eat. This is where choosing an Aspiration of the Food Category comes in handy, since Sims that opt for it will make higher quality meals and beverages. The Master Chef branch specifically comes with a reward that will make sure your Sim’s efforts in the kitchen never spoil, and that is a money and time saver.

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Knowledge Category | Computer Whiz

Being a computer whiz in 2014 has its benefits, and the same holds true for The Sims 4. Because it falls under the Knowledge Category, your Sim will be able to level up their skills faster. By choosing the Computer Whiz branch, they’ll be able to make excellent use of their computer, even earning money by live streaming or entering gaming tournaments. Yes please!

Popularity Category | Friend of the World

The Sims 4 seems to be more focused on personalities, emotions and relationships than any of the past iterations, and that makes this category a great one. Your Sim will be able to build up their relationships faster choosing from the Popularity Category, but the Friend of the World Aspiration will see that those relationships never fade. This will save you an immeasurable amount of time since you won’t have to bust your Sim’s hump maintaining relationships.

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