Silent Hill 2 Remake Reveal
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Silent Hill 2 Remake – Release Date Announced

Konami is making waves!

Silent Hills fans can rejoice as Konami finally reveals the release date of the new Silent Hill 2 Remake and much more. After the whole Silent Hill P.T. debacle that eventually led to the game’s cancellation, Konami and the Bloober team have revealed a gameplay trailer and an announced release date for their Silent Hill 2 Remake.

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Silent Hill 2 Remake Release Date

As you may have seen in Sony’s State of Play livestream, Silent Hill 2 Remake gets a release date trailer and is officially out on October 8th, 2024, and available for pre-order on PlayStation 5 and Steam stores.

While the game was officially announced a year back with a teaser trailer, we are also treated to a 14-minute-long gameplay trailer.

Silent Hill 2 Remake has two editions: Standard and Deluxe. The pre-ordered standard edition includes the base game, Mira the Dog Mask, and a PlayStation 5 exclusive Robbie the Rabbit Mask.

The pre-ordered deluxe edition includes everything in the standard edition and a digital artbook, digital soundtrack, Pyramid Head Mask, and a 48-hour early access period.

This might spark a bit of controversy, as the early access period is being indirectly sold as a premium, but it wouldn’t matter much for a single-player game.

The Silent Hill 2 Remake was developed by Bloober Team, who is no stranger to making horror games. They are widely known for creating horror games such as The Medium, Layers of Fear franchise, Observer: System Redux, and Blair Witch. The game is looking great so far, and it would be interesting to see what one of the best horror games of all time would look like in 2024.

Return to Silent Hill – Behind the Scenes

After Sony’s State of Play, Konami held its own livestream to showcase more Silent Hill news. Quickly after revealing the gameplay trailer and details about the editions, they also talked about the Return to Silent Hill movie, which was also announced a year ago.

The movie will be directed by Christophe Gans, who also directed the first Silent Hill movie back in 2006. Return to Silent Hill also brings back Akira Yamaoka, who is the director, producer, and composer of the four original Silent Hill games.

If you want to watch Konami’s Silent Hill Intermission livestream, click here.

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