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Shovel Knight Dig Price – How Much Does Shovel Knight Dig Cost?

Can you dig it?

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Shovel Knight Dig Price - How Much Does Shovel Knight Dig Cost

Remember Shovel Knight? An indie hit from Yacht Club Games from 2014! Time flies, doesn’t it? Well, the popular indie platformer is getting a sequel (or more like a spin-off) with Shovel Knight Dig, the brand new Shovel Knight adventure where you as the name suggests – DIG! In a strange crossover style of classic arcade games like Dig Dug or Boulder Dash and, of course, Shovel Knight, you will dig ever downward into very strange new lands, slashing and jumping around with memorable bosses waiting for you, just like in the previous game.

If you are a fan of the first Shovel Knight or retro/indie games in general, there is no doubt that your interest has already peaked and that you are probably wondering when Shovel Knight is coming out and at what price. So keep reading to find out how much Shovel Knight Dig costs.

How Much Does Shovel Knight Dig Cost?

Right now (on September 23, the launch day) Shovel Knight Dig is on sale on Steam with a 10% discount for the price of around $23, while the Nintendo Switch version is listed on the Nintendo Online Store for the full price of $24.99. However, the Apple Arcade version being on a subscription service requires a paid monthly subscription of $5 in order to access the game on iOS-powered systems.

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Shovel Knight Dig releases on September 23, 2022, for the following systems:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • Apple Arcade
  • PC (Steam)

Versions for PlayStation and Xbox systems are also possible, but they are currently not available at launch, nor do we know when/if they will be released. However, if you happen to have a Switch, PC, or an iOS device, grab a shovel and start digging, sucka!

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