Should You Sleep in Class in Persona 3 Reload? – Answered (P3R)

It all depends on your goals.

Persona 3 Reload protagonist sitting in class

Your daily student life is just as important as exploring the depths of Tartarus, so you should pay attention in class if you want to ace your exams…or just sleep through them all since that might work better for you. So, should you sleep in class in Persona 3 Reload?

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Should You Stay Awake or Sleep in Class in Persona 3 Reload?

During certain days, players will be given the option to doze out or stay awake during your class. The choice to sleep in class or not depends on which Social Stat you want to increase. Sleeping in class will increase your Courage, while staying awake increases your Academics. The days you’re given the option to sleep are not random, so you can load your save if you decide to increase a different stat. On that same note, choosing when to go into Tartarus does not affect when you’re given the option to sleep in class.

On the days when you’re not falling asleep in class, your teacher or classmates may ask you a random question. Answering questions correctly will increase your Charm, ensuring you can freely increase all three stats during class on various days throughout the game. Assuming that you’ll always answer all questions correctly, all that’s left is choosing whether you want to increase Courage or Academics first.

Benefits of Sleeping in Class in P3R

Sleeping in class in Persona 3 Reload will slightly increase your Courage stat. Increasing your Courage allows you to start certain Social Links such as Tower, Star, and Lovers and complete special requests for Elizabeth or ask for special dishes on Hagakure. You’ll also need to completely max out your Courage before you can start Fuuka’s Social Link. Some dialogue options will only be available if you have enough Courage too, so work on it if you love giving those snarky comebacks.

Sleeping in class has no downsides, so don’t worry about a teacher nagging you about it later. The only “negative” would be missing out on increasing Academics, but you’re still getting something in return.

In addition to sleeping in class, an excellent way to raise your Courage is by eating at Wilduck Burger or working at Screen Shot, which will also net you a point in Academics.

Benefits of Staying Awake in P3R

Staying awake in class in P3R increases your Academics and allows you to do better on tests, which gets you some rewards from Mitsuru. The stat also unlocks the Temperance, Sun, and Empress Social Links as you increase it. In fact, to start Mitsuru’s Social Link, you’ll need your Academics maxed out. Some requests also require some Academics, so make sure to keep studying hard for it.

Just like before, the only downside would be not getting some Courage points, but that’s hardly something you can deem as negative, considering how both stats are important for the game.

With that said, I strongly recommend staying awake as much as you can, save for when you know you’re next to ranking up your Courage. Academics take a lot longer to level up compared to other stats, so you’ll need as many points as you can from staying awake. The fatigue system from the original version is also gone, so unless you want those extra courage points, there’s no need to slack off during class.

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