Should You Sell the Lucky Boots in Starfield? – Answered

These boots weren't made for luck

Lucky Boots
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When you head to Antonio Bianchi’s shop in the Well of New Atlantis, you might interrupt a conversation with an angry customer over the Lucky Boots in Starfield. All of a sudden, Bianchi needs you to get rid of the Lucky boots and gives you the side quest, The Boot. You must decide whether you make the delivery or sell them.

How to Start the Lucky Boots Mission in Starfield?

To start the Lucky Boots mission in Starfield, you’re going to want to head to the UC Vanguard Surplus shop on New Atlantis; The Well (X: 12065, Y: 8669). Once you take the elevator down to The Well, you will have the chance to speak with Antonio Bianchi who will give you the quest. You must have done business with him first.

After doing business, take the elevator back up and then down to The Well again. You will encounter an argument between a customer and Antonio about the Lucky Boots which have come down with a curse. After the argument, talk with Antonio and he will task you to deliver the Lucky Boots.

Should You Sell the Lucky Boots to the Worker in Starfield?

No, you should not sell the Lucky Boots to the Worker in The Den. While he might offer you an easy 500 Credits, you should absolutely stick to the main objective of “The Boot” mission. Just drop the boots in the box within The Den and get back to Antonio Bianchi. Nothing good comes from diverging here unless you just love chaos in Starfield.

Lucky Boots Sell Starfield
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If Bianchi is to be believed, those Lucky Boots will only make the Worker’s life worse, and he only has 500 Credits on hand.

What Happens When You Deliver the Lucky Boots in Starfield

Dropping the boots in the delivery box means you can confirm your mission was a success for Bianchi and he provides a full 2,000 Credits. Overall, everyone ends up happy by the end and you end up with a heftier reward.

What Happens When You Sell the Lucky Boots in Starfield

Selling the boots for 500 credits seems like a great idea at first until you figure out that they are cursed in the worst way possible. The worker you sell them to will be crushed by a heavy crate by the time you return back to them!

You may be able to maximize profit by selling the boots and then attempting to lie or persuade Antonio Bianchi back at his shop in New Atlantis. However, he claims to see whether there is a rain cloud of bad luck over your head or not as you return. So good luck attempting to swindle the vendor in Starfield.

Don’t forget that Bianchi himself has plenty of goods that you can pick up before you head to the Wold system, or after the quest is over. It all depends on what you need at the time, and this vendor will be thankful for your help.

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