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Should You Play Destiny 2 Lightfall on Legendary?

Are you up for the challenge?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Lightfall Campaign

When the Witch Queen expansion was released in Destiny 2, Guardians got to try the campaign out on Legendary for the first time, and it brought some much-needed challenge to the game’s story content. With Lightfall, the Legendary setting is back, and players have a choice to take on the challenge once again.

Of course, playing the Lightfall campaign on the hardest difficulty isn’t a requirement. You can still play through the main story on a normal setting, but you may not get all the same rewards. In this guide, we’ll cover what you can expect from Destiny 2 when you complete the campaign on Legendary, and if that’s the right choice for you.

Destiny 2 Lightfall – Should You Play on Legendary Difficulty?

Playing on the harder difficulty isn’t just for the challenge. There are a fair amount of benefits that would warrant the much tougher enemies headed your way. The largest benefit to playing Lightfall on Legendary is the armor that is given at a higher power level. Completing the Legendary campaign will place you several levels above the soft power cap, which should be about 20 above that cap.

Not only will you gain a large boost to your power without having to grind the same content, but you’ll pick up more armor along the way in comparison to the normal campaign. While you may not keep most of that armor, it just means more materials and Glimmer for you to collect.

Finally, the Legendary Lightfall campaign will likely come with an Exotic upon completion, if it’s anything like the Witch Queen. Some emblems are expected as well. However, the downside is obviously that this campaign is much harder and will take far more effort. Without some Guardians to help in Destiny 2, each mission can get tougher and tougher. Due to the scaling, there is no easy way to out farm the difficulty either.

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If you’re up to the challenge of the Legendary Lightfall campaign, then you should certainly attempt it. The rewards are worth the effort. But if you just want to enjoy the story and grind after, then holding off may be the option for you in Destiny 2.

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