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How to Find the Hydroponics Delta Lost Sector on Neonuma in Destiny 2

Don't get lost on the way there.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Lost Sector Hydroponics

The latest Lightfall expansion in Destiny 2 brings plenty of new content to the game, including more Lost Sectors for Guardians to explore and complete. One sector in particular, which is called Hydroponics Delta, can be hard to locate despite being able to see it on the map.

Lost Sectors have always been marked by a dot with two half circles around it on the map, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to locate in the world itself. Places like the Hydroponics Delta sector can feel like a maze in the open world, so we’ll help outline the path there so you can get back to the fun.

Destiny 2 – How to Find the Hydroponics Delta Lost Sector on Neonuma

For those who have access to Lightfall, the new city that we get to explore is called Neonuma, and it can be tough to navigate. To make the process easier, we want to spawn at the Strider’s Gate fast travel point located in the northwest of the city. As soon as you spawn in, jump down to the much lower ground level.

When you jump down, you need to be facing south toward the Zephyr Concourse section of the map. If you’re facing that direction, you can take the path to the right and use your sparrow to get through quickly. After a short travel, you’ll reach the Concourse area, where you’ll see a large room in the center that looks like a golf ball. The middle of the room will also be spinning, so it’s hard to miss.

Jump to the other side of the room, where you’ll find a small ramp that’s labeled with yellow arrows. Follow this ramp down and then head to the right. Now we’re getting close to the Hydroponics Delta Lost Sector in Destiny 2. To the right of the ramp, you’ll see a landing pad that also has yellow stripe markings. Land on the pad, then follow the small staircase downward.

At the bottom of the staircase, you’ll find two crates stacked and the Lost Sector symbol. This is the Lightfall Hydroponics Delta sector that you’ve been looking for. Now you just need to jump across the gap to the vault-like door and start the new sector.

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