Should you kill marco graziani in starfield or not
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Should You Kill or Negotiate With Marco Graziani in Starfield? – Answered

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Marco Graziani is quite the secretive fellow, trying hard to stay under the radar. However, that will be fine for us aspiring Freestar Rangers, because Mei Devine has decided to help us find him. After you go to Codos and enter Marco’s ship, Fortuna, you will inevitably be placed before a choice. You can kill Marco Graziani or negotiate with him to end your interaction without “unnecessary” violence. Here’s what you should do in Starfield.

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Starfield: Is it Better to Kill Marco Graziani or to Accept his Deal?

This is one of those Starfield choices where you won’t suffer significant consequences if you “choose wrong,” but it’s a matter of what you want to gain from this interaction. Here are the explanations of what happens depending on your choice in this conversation. I will explain my preference at the end of the article.

What Happens if You Kill Marco Graziani in Starfield

You can kill Marco Graziani immediately by attacking him on sight. However, doing this during the dialogue with the [Attack] option might be better for your relationship with your Companion (who does not condone random acts of violence). The best way to handle this situation (if you intend to kill him) is to be persuasive and assertive and have him attack you when you leave him with no other options in the dialogue. For those who love the lore aspect of Starfield, you can extract relevant information related to your quest. In addition to that, your Companion will visibly like that you’ve stood up for yourself and remained firm during the conversation with Marco Graziani.

What Happens if You Spare Marco Graziani in Starfield

It’s not possible to Persuade Marco Graziani in Starfield. Instead, he will offer you a bribe and a chance to walk away like nothing happened. If you choose this option, you will become richer, but your Companion might not prefer you taking this route. You can’t be a corrupt person if you’re a true Ranger.

What Have I Done With Marco Graziani in Starfield and Why?

Since I am on a mission to romance Andreja (and it’s challenging to do that), I need to get every “Andreja liked that.” and “Andreja loved that.” status message in the top right corner of my screen. Also, I really do not need credits, and Marco has done enough evil for me to justify the killing.

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