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After you get the Artifact from the dealer in All That Money Can Buy, Nicolaus Slayton will impound your ship in a last-ditch effort to trap you in Neon. But we usually have a chance to deal with antagonists our own way in Starfield, and in this guide, I’ll go over whether you should kill the Neon businessman.

Should You Kill or Spare Nicolaus Slayton in Starfield?

In my experience, the answer is no, you should not kill Nicolaus Slayton in the All That Money Can Buy mission. There aren’t any benefits that are worth getting into a massive fight over, and the loot within Slayton’s office is minimal. There is one contraband chest you can open if he’s dead, but you can always sneak there regardless.

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Choosing to play Nicolaus Slayton’s game is all you need to do for the peaceful route. He asks you to simply choose whether Musgrove is handed into the authorities. He was the one who stole the Artifact and helped sell it to Walter illegally. Your decision at this point doesn’t really matter, but I went with the merciful route and let the thief go. Andreja wasn’t too happy with me at first.

At any point in this part of the mission, you can start shooting at Slayton. However, it way overcomplicates the whole situation. He will give you back your ship as soon as you decide the fate of Musgrove, and then everything is settled. In the other scenario, you have to fight your way through the whole corporate building and out of Neon.

By the end of All That Money Can Buy, Walter will be happy with the peaceful decisions you have made. In most scenarios, the Constellation members don’t want to see you tearing through civilians across the galaxy in Starfield, which remains true here.

Soon enough, you’ll have to decide whether you give one of these Artifacts to the Starborn, and I have just the guide for you.

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