How to Locate the Seller in Starfield (All That Money Can Buy)

Going clubbing with your boss is full of twists and turns.

Where can you find the seller of artifact in Astral Lounge
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During the main questline, Walter Stroud and you are going on an adventure to the corrupt and cruel Neon City to buy a part of the Artifact from a legitimate and trustworthy seller. You need to find him in a prominent nightclub called Astral Lounge. Here’s how to locate him and complete the All That Money Can Buy quest in Starfield so you don’t need to search for a needle in a haystack.

Where to Find the Seller in Starfield in All That Money Can Buy Quest

Walking into the Astral Lounge, you must proceed forward and take the right stairs. Under the Astral Lounge sign, you will see an individual leaning his back against the wall, scanning the area.

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Approach him, start the conversation, and state that you are with Ramsay and Travers. You will then reveal that the seller is called Musgrove.

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Additional Tips for All That Money Can Buy Quest You Might Want to Hear 

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Before all of this takes place, I wholeheartedly recommend you to get on the good side of the security of the club through persuasion or bribery because you will need them during the negotiations, as well as to scan and prepare the room (namely, the lock mechanism) where the meeting will take place. These are optional things, but you should take advantage of them. The reasons for this are simple:

  • If there’s any altercation on the horizon, you can summon the security to make it go away for you.
  • If the seller (Musgrove) tries to wiggle around the deal, you can shut the door remotely and fear him into submission.

It does not matter if you are sitting or standing during the deal.

If you need further assistance with Musgrove when the time comes, we have a great Musgrove guide ready for you.

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