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Should you join Volcano Manor in Elden Ring?

by Aidan O'Brien

There are many choices to be made in Elden Ring, and one particular late-game choice will be about joining Volcano Manor. Players who make their way to this area will discover a strange cult that worships a powerful being and invades other realities to commit murders.

The apparent leader of the cult will ask you if you wish to join. Doing so will depend on which NPC quests you want to finish, although so far, we have found no downside to joining.

If you do join the Volcano Manor, you will be able to complete quests for Rya, Patches, and Knight Bernahl. You will also get access to some assassination missions that can net you some nice items and sets of armor. There also doesn’t seem to be any direct penalty for not joining the Manor, other than not getting access to the assassination missions. This will definitely cut you out of Bernahl’s quest, although we are unsure about the other NPCs at this time.

As for the characters you will be killing, they include:

  • Old Knight Istvan near Stormveil Castle
  • Rileigh the Idle in the Altus Plateau
  • Juno Hoslow at the Mountaintops of the Giants

As you can see, two of these are in quite late-game areas, so depending on when you arrive at Volcano Manor, you may be waiting some time to finish their quest. You should also make sure you speak with Recusant Bernahl in the drawing-room between the second and third assassination so you can finish his quest.

The Volcano Manor is also directly related to a boss fight against Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, and one of the shard holders, so you really should engage with the content here if you plan to take on every boss in the game.

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