Should You Donate Your Hard-Earned Money to Pui in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life?

The GoFundMe of Forgotten Valley

Story of Season A Wonderful Life Pui

So, you’ve seen Pui out and about as you busily hurry across the sleepy town of Forgotten Valley. Pui tends to rotate between casually strolling around the forest and beyond or sitting down and asking for donations to fund his trip back to his home, Coco Island. His appearance is rather strange compared to the other residents of Forgotten Valley, and the company he keeps come in the form of butterflies. It would make sense that even the most charitable player would be unsure if they should actually donate to his cause. Keep reading to discover whether or not you should donate your money to Pui in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

Giving Money to Pui in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

It won’t take long until you notice that Pui spends most afternoons on the bridge between the town and Vesta’s farm, begging for money. Occasionally you will find him begging on the beach in Spring instead, but this is an incredibly uncommon occurrence. Pui mentions that he wants to take a trip to faraway Coco Island and wonders if you will donate to his cause. If you do interact with him, you will then have the following options:

  • 1G
  • 10G
  • 100G
  • Do not donate to Pui
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I continuously gave him 100G as that is still quite a small amount of money, especially after your farm takes off and you have upgraded it to your liking. Plus, I understand how it feels to be living away from your home and the costs associated with returning! You’ve got to help a fellow expat out, you know?

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When you have donated enough money to his cause, he will be satisfied and will not request any further donations. He does not leave you empty-handed, though, as when you’ve both helped him reach his monetary goal and maximized his friendship, he will post a request to the board in town that asks for a Golden Relic. Once you complete this, you will receive a Blessed Sickle. This item is very convenient as it covers a 9×9 area and is, therefore, quite the energy saver.

So there you have it. Whilst you do not see Pui visit Coco Island and reunite with his little Pui family, you clearly help fund his unemployed lifestyle and make a friend along the way. There are also other characters in the game that players often wonder if they can help, such as how the dog is fed in the remake.

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