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Should You Capture or Kill In Monster Hunter Rise

by Jesse Vitelli

Monster Hunter Rise has a lot of mechanics that aren’t explained, especially to new players. One of those mechanics is capturing a monster vs outright killing it. Here’s the difference between capturing and killing in Monster Hunter Rise.

Should You Capture or Kill In Monster Hunter Rise


During every hunt in the game, you have the option to lay down a shock trap or pitfall trap to capture a monster. If you’ve brought these traps into a hunt, you’ll want to wait until there is a blue icon underneath the monster’s portrait in the top right of the screen. That’s how you know the monster is ready to be captured.

What is the difference between capturing or killing the monster though, and what does it mean for your rewards? 

Well, some monsters have rewards that can only be obtained via capturing or killing. For instance, in the image above, the Great Baggi’s Sleep Sac can only be obtained from carving the monster once you’ve killed it. When capturing it has a 0% chance of being obtained. 

As you get further down the weapon and armor trees, you’ll need specific parts to craft the gear. You’ll need to check your Hunter’s Notes, which can be done by hitting the + button and tabbing over to the hunter’s Notes section. 

From here you can see every monster you’ve fought and how to obtain each of the materials they have. Be sure to check this before going on a hunt to know precisely how to obtain the item you’re looking for.

The chart is a super helpful tool that the game doesn’t exactly clarify that you should be referencing before every hunt. 

Well, that’s everything you need to know about capturing vs killing monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.

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