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Shadow of the Tomb Raider – How to Decipher Monoliths

by Larryn Bell

Besides being an intrepid explorer and archaeologist, Lara Croft is also a fast learner. Along her journey to track down Trinity in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, you will encounter various Monoliths that can be deciphered to reveal hidden loot. Reading each Monolith requires Lara to reach a certain level of proficiency in the ancient language they are written in. We’ll go over how to decipher Monoliths so that you don’t miss out on any hidden riches.

How to Decipher Monoliths

Each Monolith in Shadow of the Tomb Raider is inscribed in one of three ancient languages: Mam, Quechua, or Yucatec. As we mentioned, Lara must reach a certain level of reading proficiency to decipher each Monolith and understand its message. 

Lara can improve her language knowledge by interacting with Relics, Murals, and Documents found throughout the environment. Not only does interacting with these artifacts increase your proficiency in Ancient Dialects, it also rewards you with additional XP to help you level up and unlock new Skills. 

When you come across a new Monolith in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, explore the surrounding area to find any Murals, Relics, or other ancient artifacts. Be sure to thoroughly explore each new location you encounter to ensure you haven’t missed any artifacts that can help you improve your linguistic skills. 

It’s worth noting that your Survival Instinct does not highlight dialect items, at least not at first. You will need to unlock Eagle’s Sight within the Seeker Skills to gain the ability to detect Monoliths, artifacts, treasure chests, archivist maps, and explorer backpacks upon activating your Survival Instincts. This will help you easily find key items, which in turn will allow you to earn XP and level up fast.

Keep an eye out for ancient artifacts while exploring the jungle in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and you should be able to decipher Monoliths and seek out their hidden treasure in no time. For more tips and tutorials, such as how to get more outfits, visit our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Guide Hub.

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