Severian Hunt Location & Rewards in Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI)

Time to dismantle this relic

A Fallen artifact has wandered from the ruins and of course, it falls to Clive to handle it. We wouldn’t want it to bring any more chaos to Martha’s Rest. Here’s how to find Severian in Final Fantasy 16 and the rewards you’ll get for defeating it.

Severian Hunt Location & Rewards in Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI)

The monsters on the Hunt Board are getting progressively tougher, and that’s certainly the case for Severian, a Fallen monster that’s wandered from the ruins near Martha’s Rest. This automata is defined by its low health pool and heavy hitting attack. But before we delve into how to defeat it, here’s how to find it.

How to Find Severian in Final Fantasy 16

To find this Fallen automata, you’ll need to go to Martha’s Rest on the world map. The waypoint might not say Martha’s Rest if you used another Obelisk in this area. For example, if you were just here hunting Belphegor.

Martha's Rest Location
Screenshots by Prima Games | Martha’s Rest Location

Once you’ve arrived at Martha’s Rest, go East towards Sorrowise. This is where the church was in the main story. But instead of heading to the church, you’ll want to take the first right, following the trail until you reach a clearing.

The green star marks Severian's location
The green star marks Severian’s location

In the distance, you’ll see a Fallen structure, similar to the one Hideaway was in. Step into the clearing and you’ll be attacked by Severian.

Severian is a B-Ranked Monster at Level 31. The moment the fight begins, it will attack, so I highly recommend immediately dodging. Severian’s strategy relies on fast attacks, and it will often opt to bring out a lightsaber-like blade that it will swing in a circle. Its most devastating attack is when it lunges with this blade. If it catches you, it will stagger you, making it difficult to get out of the way.

But it has a low health pool and is very easy to stagger, making an aggressive assault the ideal strategy.

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Rewards for Defeating Severian in Final Fantasy 16

Upon defeating Severian, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • Electrum (crafting material only obtained by defeating Severian).
  • 800 Experience.
  • 70 Ability Points.
  • 8,500 Gold.
  • 20 Renown.

Electrum is a particularly rare crafting material that can be used in the Drakeslayer Belt. If you don’t have the recipe draft for that belt, be sure to complete this side quest to get it: Final Fantasy 16: How to Complete Blacksmith’s Blues (FFXVI).

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