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Selecting the Best Skills In Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

by Prima Games Staff

Faith has a lot of good skills to start with in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, but as you complete missions in the game, you can unlock new ones via upgrades in the menu. Here are the best things to keep in mind when it comes to unlocking new skills.

Breaking Down the Skill Tree In Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

There are three major categories to choose from when it comes to unlocking items in each of your skill trees.

The first is Movement. This covers the general flow of Faith’s movement in the game, whether it’s increasing her speed, unlocking new moves (like the Skill Roll) or just becoming better at overall maneuverability. For those of you trying to get a leg up on running through a Dash event faster or just getting around the city more quickly, this is the skill tree for you.

Next up is Combat. As you might guess, this adds several moves to your arsenal that makes you more formidable in combat, whether it’s by adding more power to your current moves or enabling the ability to stun an opponent. Those of you who are up for a good fight will want to make selections from this particular skill tree in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.

Finally, there’s Gear, where you can add secondary abilities for your character, including the ability to unlock Gridleak events on your map and accessing a MagRope, a grappling hook that will help you get around faster when it comes to reaching higher areas. This is probably the least important of the three categories, unless you feel like adding that grappling hook right away.

Do A Skill Roll and Quickturn In Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

First, let’s talk movement. This is a vital skill tree when it comes to perfecting your speed, particularly with moves that can help you keep up momentum. One of those is the Skill Roll. Instead of just landing on the ground after a high jump and scrambling to get back to your feet, this will instead allow you to roll into a somersault and get back to your feet right away in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.

The Quickturn is also a great ability, especially for those that remember it so well from the original Mirror’s Edge. This enables you to spin around more quickly in 90 or 180 degree fashion. Let’s say you come across a gap where you face a wall. Sure, you can turn around manually, but by doing a Quickturn, you’ll save yourself several precious seconds, which is vital if someone is chasing after you.

Unlock these two as soon as you can, and you’ll be far better off.

Unlocking Combat Items In Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

You might be thinking, “Oh, boy, some great new moves!” when you take a look at this particular skill tree in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, but hold tight. First, you’ll need to unlock Intel on particular attackers, such as the Protector and the Sentinel. This will enable you to see what they’re capable of and, more importantly, how they’re vulnerable to your attacks. Unlock these so you can get the lowdown, and survive to fight another day.

As you get further into this tree, you’ll unlock some great moves, like the Stun Advantage combo (three hits to knock an opponent senseless) and also an improved set of health moves, like more Stamina to avoid going more critical with hits, and an improvement on your Focus Shield, so bullets won’t damage you when you’re on the run.

Move through this carefully. It’ll take some time to get to the good stuff with this Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst skill tree, but you’ll be better off in the long run.

The Gear Is Your Friend In Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

Finally, there’s the Gear skill tree, in which you’ll find plenty of items. Perhaps the best one here is the Climb Efficiently, which is a bit further down on the list but worth unlocking. This helps you traverse ladders and pipes much more quickly than you usually would, perfect if you’re dodging an attack from below (or, heaven help you, a helicopter), or trying to get to an upper tier faster. The Disrupt ability is also very cool, as you can stop an enemy’s communication long enough to take them down, so you don’t have more soldiers to worry about.

The MagRope upgrades, however, are best. Once you unlock these, you’ll be able to use your grappling rope with much more efficiency, so you can get around faster and better – an ideal ability when you’re trying to beat a friend’s race time or escape a troublesome situation. Don’t forget you’re also able to control the swing, in case you want to aim towards an enemy and then drop them after coming off the rope with a quick hit.

These are the best abilities you’ll find within the game, so take your time, unlock them and become the soldier you were meant to be in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst! 

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