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Sea of Thieves: How to Use the Harpoon

by John Cooper

Sea of Thieves recently received a huge boost to its content in the form of the Anniversary Update. Along with the ability to go fishing and some new stories comes the incredibly powerful harpoon weapon. Learning to use this front-mounted weapon can take some practice, so in order to help here are some tips to help you get the most out of it. 

Man the Harpoon

The Harpoon is a new weapon fitted to the front of the ship. In fact, there are two there, one on the starboard and one on the port side. They have a good range of movement and are quite fast as well, so they feel a lot quicker than a cannon. Using them just requires you to walk up to it and interact. You can then fire the weapon, retract it, and lock it in place. 

In the event that the harpoon misses altogether it will be retracted, just keep in mind that you can’t fire the harpoon if it isn’t in the barrel, so you’ll have to wait. If you hit something light, like a player or an item, then it will be brought back to the ship and cause it to land just behind you. If, however, you hit something too large to reel in, then the Harpoon will stay stuck. You’ll probably want to lock the Harpoon at this point because if it stretches too far it will come loose. 

When to Use the Harpoon

Using the Harpoon is a lot of fun, but using it well requires timing and skill. One of the best ways to use it is to grab loot from another ship or even the shoreline. This is great when playing in the Arena, just keep in mind that doing this accurately when in motion is quite tough. You can snatch up enemies from those ships too, just make sure your back is guarded or they could kill you. 

If you want to turn a little bit faster you can fire the Harpoon at a rock. This will allow you to effectively swing around the rock and turn a little bit faster, it keeps up a bit more momentum than some other methods so it can be quite useful. You can even Harpoon other ships in order to keep them from getting away. If your ship ends up on the receiving end of the Harpoon then you can shake it off by taking sharp turns as quickly as possible. It takes some practice, but breaking free is the difference between sinking or swimming. 

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