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Sea of Thieves – How to Do Voyages

by Josh Hawkins

Sea of Thieves has finally released, bringing the sea-faring adventure to PC and Xbox One. In Sea of Thieves, your primary goal is to earn reputation by completing voyages for the three different companies in the game. In this article we’ll show you everything you need to know to learn how to do voyages and start earning yourself some gold and reputation.

How to Get Voyages

Voyages are basically like quests in Sea of Thieves, and you’ll need to purchase them from the main island where you start the game. The voyage options in the beta right now are the same for all crew types (whether solo, medium, or large). Keep in mind that the more difficult voyages will be more difficult with less crewmembers, so if you want to take on the more difficult voyages, then make sure you have plenty of people to help out.

You can pick up voyages from three different vendors in Sea of Thieves. First is the Gold Hoarder. These voyages task you with finding different hidden treasures. The second vendor is the Order of Souls, which give you bounties to complete and pay good money for the skulls that you bring back to them. Finally, the third vendor is the Merchant Alliance, which tasks you with gathering things like items, livestock, and then turning them in at one of the outposts scattered around the world.

Players can buy Voyages from this vendor in Sea of Thieves.

Once you locate the vendor you want to purchase from, approach them and choose to browse their wares. Here you’ll get to choose from three available voyages, each of which will cost you money to pick up. Find a voyage that sounds interesting and purchase it to continue.

When you have purchased the Voyage that you and your crew want to undertake, head back to your ship and look around for the Voyage table. This table is where you and your crew (if you have one) will vote on the Voyage that you want to undertake.

Players can purchase Voyages to head out on and find treasure.

After the voyage has been voted on, you’ll receive a map of an island. Find that island on your ship’s navigation table, and then head over to it. When you arrive at the island, look at your map and find the spot marked by an X to dig up the treasure and complete the voyage.

You can learn more by heading over to our Sea of Thieves guide, where you’ll find detailed information about what the Order of Souls is, and even information on where to find chickens. We also have detailed articles showing you how to get started and how to scuttle your ship, which will allow you to start over on a brand new ship.


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