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Sea of Thieves – How to Fix Trimmed Beard Error

by Josh Hawkins

If you’re playing Sea of Thieves during one of its many scale tests, then you may have found yourself running into an error or two along the way. These issues might be bugs, some crashes, or even weird errors that don’t make any sense at first. If you’ve run into the Trimmed Beard error in Sea of Thieves, then the good news is there’s hope. We’ve got all the answers about what this Trimmed Beard error is in Sea of Thieves, and how to fix it.

How to Fix Trimmed Beard Error in Sea of Thieves

This specific error is usually encountered when Sea of Thieves is trying to setup a new crew session with you and your friends. At this point in time, though, there really isn’t much support available for it, and nobody is really entirely sure what the error does.

If you run into this issue, then you should try running through the usual fixes for most other errors. Log out of the game and then go back in. This should clear your initial connections to the servers, and possibly allow you to set things up again perfectly once you’ve logged back in. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, then the next step is to shut down your console/PC and restart everything. This will completely clear the cache, possibly resolving any issues you might have had.

If none of the fixes above help the issue, then you might want to try restarting your entire internet connection, starting with your modem, router, console/PC. This isn’t guaranteed to solve the issue, but it is definitely a step that you can take as a last-ditch effort to fix any connection problems you might be having with the game.

Keep in mind that these scale tests are here for a reason, to test the waters and make sure everything runs smoothly for the final release later this month. Make sure you check out our Sea of Thieves game hub for more helpful information, and be sure to check back later this month when the game finally releases for the most up-to-date content surrounding Rare’s swash-buckling adventure.


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