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Sea of Thieves: Where to Find Merrick

by John Cooper

The Pirate Bard Merrick is back and has developed a backstory. No longer will he drunkenly ramble or talk about hunting the Megalodon. Oh no, he has layers, like a sea onion. He is happy to talk about his life up until this point, chat about his wife, and even tell tales of his extended family. A bit like how we all have more cousins than we realise. That, but at sea. 

Thanks to the Anniversary Update he is now one of the key parts of the Hunter’s Call trading company. He will happily take any meat, fish, and Mermaid Statue Gems you can bring him and will help you to rank up with Hunter#s Call as a result. What a gent. I mean, if you ignore the fact that the whole thing is just a set up to get some revenge on the sea. 

As you hand in more items he will be happy to give you promotions within the trading company and even offers some cool items. The Killer Whale set can be gained by dealing with him and ranking up enough times. No doubt because he still harbours some resentment to the Megalodon for depriving him of 75% of his limbs. 

You can find Merrick on Stephen’s Spoils in the Ancient Isles. This is one of the many seaposts added in alongside the Forsaken Shores update. These little posts used to be good for vendors that had random items. Thanks to the Hunter’s Call Trading Company you can now find many of the members of the group scattered around on them. Just go here and check the end of the pier to see the Pirate Bard standing proud. Is Pirate Bard a cross-class specialisation? It sounds like a super technical D&D class, maybe take some D20s with you just in case.