RuneScape’s Ancient Awakening Quest: All Prerequisites Listed

The Fort Forinthry questline is back with a new installment.

RuneScape Ancient Awakening
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RuneScape’s latest quest, Ancient Awakening, releases today. It continues the Fort Forinthy questline, and so the requirements for the most part are rather player friendly. Still, you cannot hop in and expect to partake in the quest without knocking a few things off the list. So, to make sure that you are ready to go, here is a complete list of all prerequisite requirements needed to start RuneScape’s newest quest Ancient Awakening.

All Requirements for the Ancient Awakening Quest in RuneScape

As Ancient Awakening is part of the Fort Forinthry questline, you will have to complete the four previous quests in the questline. Fortunately, these quests have rather low requirements, and very little skill requirements, and so even if you are just beginning the questline, it will not take you too long to catch up and end up with the fort of your dreams.


All quests in the Fort Forinthry questline are member quests only. You will not be able to partake in any of the following if you are a free-to-play player.

Prerequisites Required for Ancient Awakening

In the below table you can clearly see each previous quest in the questline which leads up to Ancient Awakening, as well as the requirements to begin all of them.

QuestPrerequisites Necessary to BeginWhere to Begin
New FoundationsN/AVarrock Palace (portal outside the throne room)
Murder on the Border• New Foundations quest completed
• After Fort Forinthry opens up after the completion of New Foundation, players will have to build a Workshop, Town Hall, Chapel, and Command Centre.
Aster in the Fort Forinthry Town Hall
Unwelcome Guests• Murder on the Border quest completed
• Level 50 Construction
• Level 10 Slayer
Overseer Siv in the Fort Forinthry Command Centre
Dead and Buried• Unwelcome Guests quest completedThe Raptor north of the Fort Forinthry Guardhouse

How to Begin Ancient Awakening

Now that you have caught up and are ready to begin Ancient Awakening, you will need the following requirements.

QuestPrerequisites Necessary to BeginWhere to Begin
Ancient Awakening• Dead and Buried quest completed
• Level 50 Necromancy
Overseer Siv in Fort Forinthry

Luckily Necromancy even nerfed isn’t too hard to level up, and so it won’t take you long to get to level 50 if you are yet to do so! If you need extra help, there’s the Necromancy 5-49 quick start guide!

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