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RuneScape Necromancy Quick Level 5-49 Guide

Level Necromancy from 5-49 as efficiently as possible.

With a plethora of players racing to hit both level 99 and 120 Necromancy, efficiency is one of the most important aspects RuneScape players seek out when training. This is true not only for Necromancy but for skilling in general. Jagex is well aware of this and has released a quick level guide for Necromancy players to follow as they level up from level 5 to level 49.

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How to Level Necromancy Fast in RuneScape

The first part of Jagex’s Necromancy Quick Level guide has been released, and it focuses on levels five-49. As with other skills that have been introduced in the past, Necromancy begins at level five as opposed to level one.

Note: Free-to-play players are able to level Necromancy up to level 20.

This guide covers the basics of enemies that you can level on and certain quests that would be beneficial through the levels. It is not the be-all and end-all of training Necromancy, but means to act as a base as you discover what works for you when training this new all-encompassing combat skill.

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Useful Tips Before You Start

The following items will be useful during your Necromancy journey.

  • Ashes (regular)
  • Bones (any)
  • Combat support items (prayer potions, food, etc)
  • Vials of water

In the main Necromancy hub, the City of Um, two NPC characters, Lupe and Sostratus will provide you with useful items. Lupe will be worth visiting for Rituals, and Sostratus will deck you out with beginning Tier 10 Necromancy gear.

RuneScape Necromancy General Store
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Necromancy Level 5-49 Quick Leveling Guide

Level 5-9

  • Players will have just finished the Necromancy tutorial.
  • Players will have access to the new skill ‘Touch of Death’ at level 8.
RuneScape EnemyLocationSuggested Difficulty
Giant SpidersLumbridge SwampBeginner
Undead TrollsCity of Um CaveRegular
Miscellaneous EnemiesLumbridge CatacombsHarder

Level 10-19

  • Players can visit Selene in the City of Um (southeast) to unlock Necromancy prayers.
  • Players should begin to focus on Rituals for Communions or to get Lesser Necroplasm for later levels.
RuneScape EnemyLocationSuggested Difficulty
Crawling HandsBurthorpe Slayer DungeonBeginner
Undead TrollsCity of Um CaveRegular
GhostsTaverly DungeonHarder

Level 20-29

  • Players who reach level 20 can complete the quest Kili Row to get their first upgrade task to upgrade their Necromancy gear.
  • Players who reach level 24 can complete the quest Rune Mythos to be able to craft Necrotic Runes.
  • Players around level 24 can work on completing the City of Um’s Easy Area Tasks for XP, a useful teleport via a stat-boosting item, and other benefits.
  • Players will have unlocked Regular Ink and can begin to craft Lesser Necroplasm to create more Regular Ink for future Rituals and Communion Rituals.
RuneScape EnemyLocationSuggested Difficulty
Undead TrollsCity of Um CaveBeginner
Minotaurs and GoblinsThe first level of the Stronghold of SecurityRegular
GhostsTaverly DungeonHarder

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Level 30-39

  • Players will unlock Multiply glyphs for Rituals, allowing them to collect more souls per Communion Ritual, unlocking more Talent Tiers.
  • Players who reach level 30 should visit Kili in the City of Um to upgrade their Necromancy gear.
RuneScape EnemyLocationSuggested Difficulty
Minotaurs and GoblinsThe first level of the Stronghold of SecurityBeginner
GhostsTaverly DungeonRegular
Flesh CrawlersThe second level of the Stronghold of SecurityHarder
RuneScape Necromancy Outfit
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Level 40-49

  • Players who reach level 46 can complete the Necromancy quest ‘Vessel of the Harbinger’.
  • Players will now be able to unlock the third tier of the Well of Souls talent tree.
  • Players can work on the City of Um Medium Area Task Set, with the last task needing level 50 Necromancy.
RuneScape EnemyLocationSuggested Difficulty
BansheesThe Slayer TowerBeginner
Flesh CrawlersThe second level of the Stronghold of SecurityRegular
Fetid ZombiesThe Wilderness side of Fort ForinthryHarder

As you continue to dive deeper into this expansive skill, you will find a training style that best suits the way that you play RuneScape. With players already hitting level 99 and level 120, it is clear that players can take Necromancy training as intensive or casual as they like. There is no one size fits all approach.

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