RuneScape: All Premier Member Perks for 2024

Jagex is shaking up its' Premier Membership for the upcoming year.

RuneScape Premier Membership 2024
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Jagex has released all of the information regarding the annual Premier Membership for 2024. This includes the tiered pricing, premier perks, and newly included perks for 2024 onwards in RuneScape.

Everything to Know About RuneScape Premier Membership for 2024

It is common knowledge that RuneScape offers a base free-to-play model of the game which limits non-paying members to certain areas, skills, quests, and more. Players who pay the membership fee have access to the world at large. On top of that, Premier Membership provides subscribing players with additional perks beyond what regular membership allows.

When Does the Premier Membership Yearly Refresh Go Live?

You can expect to see the yearly refresh go live on Monday, October 13, 2023. You will be able to purchase Premier Membership with all of the following perks on the official RuneScape website.

Premier Membership Pricing for 2024

Jagex have released the price of Premier Membership in 2024, and you can see the full breakdown in the table below.

Currency12 Month Premier Membership6 Month Premier Add-on1 Month Premier Add-on
Information provided by Jagex.

New this year is the add-on system, which allows players to pay for and receive all of the perks that come with Premier Membership without having to change how one currently pays for membership. Many players are grandfathered into a low monthly rate and being forced to change their subscription to a new 12-month plan means that this would no longer be the case. So, now players can keep their regular membership method and pay for the perks at a different rate.

Premier Membership Benefits Across All Tiers

Depending on whether or not you sign up for the traditional 12-month membership that is part of the Premier Membership bundle, or you pay for an add-on, you will receive different benefits or perks. The breakdown below clearly illustrates what each tier will receive.

Perk12 Month Membership6 Month Membership1 Month Membership
Membership included
1 month Double Daily Keys
Loyalty Points✔ 150,000✔ 75,000
Premier Reward Tokens✔ 3✔ 1 (per 6 months)
VIP Premier World 52 access
In-game Chat Badge
Premier Bank Space (+100)
Premier Vault Access (once per month)
Free Boss Instance (resets weekly)
1 extra Daily Treasure Hunter Key
RuneMetrics Discount (50% off or 1 bond for 2 months access)
Premier Artefact
Radiant Crusader Armour & Death Guard Set
Radiant Crusader Drake Pet
Monthly Rewards (changes monthly)
• 1,000 oddments
• 1 additional in-game reward (i.e. Protean pack or Umbral chests etc)
Information provided by Jagex

What’s New for Premier Membership Perks in 2024

The following are the items that are new to the Premier Membership perk pool as of the upcoming refresh.

  • Exclusive Cosmetic Outfit – the Radiant Crusader Armour
  • Exclusive Cosmetic Weapons – the Radiant Crusader Death Guard and Lantern Set
  • Exclusive Pet – Radiant Crusader Drake

Whether or not you choose to take advantage of the perks that come with paying for Premier Membership is completely up to you. It makes sense if you play RuneScape very regularly, but if you play it on a more occasional basis, it really comes down to your personal interpretation of its worth.

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