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Rules of Survival – Best Places to Start

by Josh Hawkins

If you want fast-paced battle royale action on your mobile device, then Rules of Survival is by far one of the best options available. If you’ve already started playing this mobile hit, or if you’re just starting to get into it, then chances are you’re going to want to know some of the best places to loot up and equip yourself with the tools that you need to get the job done. In this article we’ll go over several of the best places to setup and start your journey in Rules of Survival to be the last man standing.

Best Places to Start

Where you want to land in Rules of Survival really depends quite a bit on how the plane flies over the island. Despite the fact that this changes quite a bit with each new round, we’ve still outlined some of the best places to land below. So, if you can make it to one of these locations (which you usually should be able to), make sure you’re taking advantage of any possible head start you can get to score some good loot and ready yourself for the fight to come.

Safe Store

The Safe Store located on the southern tip of the island is a great place to start, and players will often find several different weapon options in the area. We’ve walked away multiple times stocked up with helmets, backpacks, and even assault rifles and shotguns. Of course, it’s also really close to Wheat Town, which means you’ll have to worry about other looters in the area, especially if the plane comes across it relatively early in its arc.

Research Edifice

This Research area located along the eastern edge of the map doesn’t always offer the greatest loot, but it’s location and proximity to other areas around it make it a great place to land and grab some basic supplies. We’ve often found things like helmets and backpacks here, as well as some pistols and even an SMG. Of course, it doesn’t offer near the looting area that other parts of the map have on hand, but its still a viable option if the plane passes close enough to it.

Training Base

The Training Base is by far one of the best spots to land, and it has quite a lot of loot laying around for players to scoop up and make use of. Of course, its also located near the center of the map, which means it’s definitely going to be a hot point for plenty of players to drop in on. So, if you decide to drop in here, make sure you are ready to grab some equipment, loot up, and then take cover, as the fight won’t be far behind.

Bitter Lake

Bitter Lake is the dead center of the map, and by far one of the most popular areas for players to drop into matches in Rules of Survival. Of course, that also means it is going to offer one of the highest loot tables available in the game, and thus should be treated as a viable option when you aren’t able to make it anywhere else. Of course, we’d still suggest sticking to other areas around the map instead, as they offer better cover and less hostility from other players.

There are still plenty of other areas worth landing at in Rules of Survival, but these are by far some of the best that we’ve found during our time with the game. So, if you want to try to get a leg up on your opponents, and walk away as the last man standing, getting started in one of these areas is going to be a huge help. For more help make sure you check out our Rules of Survival tips, as well as our guide on the best places to find a gun in Rules of Survival.

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