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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – How to Be a Good Commander

by Josh Hawkins

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a hardcore military shooter that forces players to rely heavily upon their teammates during times of conflict. If you want to go a step further, and help lead you team, then you’re going to want to take on the role of Commander. In this article we’ll outline everything you need to do to be a good Commander in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, and even offer some pointers to help you lead your troops to victory on the battlefield.

It should be noted that, while you can do everything you can to be a good Commander, sometimes your troops are not going to listen to you. Unfortunately, this isn’t the real military, so aside from the class that you hold, you have no real way to force players to abide by your instructions. Thankfully, many of the players within the Rising Storm community love the realistic aspects of the game, and are more than willing to work with you to make things happen.

Communicate With Your Team

Being Commander is about more than just looking good in a uniform. You’re directly responsible for giving out orders to your troops. Think that you’re losing the Charlie objective? Send some troops over that way so you can take it back. See your troops going down on the Bravo objective? Order troops to put down signal smokes so you can call in some of the various support options like Napalm or even Artillery Strikes.

Communication is key in any role that you take on in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, and we’ve outlined that quite a bit in our Rising Storm 2: Vietnam combat tips. But, if you’re going to take on the role of Commander, then you’re absolutely going to need to be able to communicate with your team in some fashion. So, pull on your headset, get your mic ready, and hop in the game.

Use The Radio

We’ve already touched on the radio a little bit here, but let’s really talk about it, and how important it is to the game. The radio is so important because it allows you to call in support options for your team, which can drastically turn the tide of the battle. Because of this, the Commander should always be close to the radio when possible. Sure, you’re not going to walk away with the best kill/death ratio, but chances are if you’re playing Commander, that isn’t what you’re here for.

Keep an eye out for player signals, and make use of your artillery and napalm whenever possible. You can also use things like the Rapid Deployment and Aerial Recon (they go by different names with playing as the People’s Army of Vietnam) to bring all players back from the spawn queue, and to give your troops an idea of what kind of enemy stronghold they are running into. To help you get an idea of the different abilities available on the radio, we’ve broken them down into a list below.

PAVN (People’s Army of Vietnam)

  • Ambush Deployment – Instantly respawns all queued up troops onto the battlefield.
  • Scout Recon – Calls ins several recon plans that mark enemies on the map.
  • Ho Chi Minh Trail – Reduces number of tickers that are lost with each death, and reduces respawn timer by around 50%.
  • Barrage Artillery – Calls in artillery strikes on the chosen target.
  • Anti-Air (SAM) – Clears out enemy aircraft that are flying 75 meters above the ground.
  • Cancel Artillery – Cancels the artillery strike that you just called in, allowing you to move it to another target if needed.

United States of America

  • Rapid Deployment – Instantly respawn all queued up soldiers onto the battlefield.
  • Aerial Recon – Calls in a recon plane that marks enemy troops on the map.
  • Spooky – Calls in an AC-47 gunship that can be used to deal massive amounts of damage to enemy troops. Can be shot down by the enemy’s Anti-Air.
  • Napalm – Radios in a Napalm Strike that will damage all troops caught in its wake, friendlies included.
  • Artillery – Calls in an artillery strike on the intended target.
  • Cancel Artillery – Allows Commander to cancel the artillery and move to another target.

If you communicate with your team, give detailed directions, and make use of the various radio abilities, you’ll find yourself accomplishing every goal you need to hit as a Commander. It does take practice to become better, though, and you should always be willing to hop into the Freeplay tutorial and test out the various elements of the radio abilities. For now, though, you can head over to our guide on how to find the best class for your playstyle, where we discuss each of the classes a bit more in-depth.