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Rise Up Game Tips and Tricks | iPhone and Android

by Christopher Buffa

If Fortnite and PUBG Mobile are too violent for your mobile gaming tastes, Rise Up for iPhone and Android smartphones ditches battle royale in exchange for addictive and appropriate for all ages gameplay. To get a high score in Rise Up, you must push aside different obstacles so a white balloon can safely travel up the screen, but it’s much harder than it sounds. If one of these objects strikes the balloon it’s game over, which means you start from the beginning. It’s the sort of game that is perfect for a few minutes a day or an hour, and you will improve with some practice. With that in mind, this article will tell you how to get a high score in Rise Up that will impress friends and procrastinating coworkers alike.

Take Your Finger off the Guard

In Rise Up, you deflect objects with a white circle referred to as a Guard. To control the Guard, place a finger on the touchscreen and slide it in any direction. The Guard is unbreakable, so don’t hesitate to flick projectiles, balls, and other items away from the balloon. That said, don’t put your finger directly on top of the Guard. Doing this will obscure or partially obscure the balloon, which means you’re less likely to lose track of something dangerous. Instead, put your finger along the bottom so that almost the entire screen is visible.

This might take some getting used to, but resist the urge to put your finger on the Guard. Some objects are much tinier than others, and you definitely need the screen clear in order to see everything.

Prepare for Each Level

There are 40 levels in Rise Up and the game randomizes these stages each time that you play. Although it’s impossible to know what’s next, eventually you’ll see everything or at least most of what the game has to offer and devise strategies for dealing with each level. If you see white stars along the screen, for example, it’s best to following them in a line and push them away. See black squares blocking the balloon’s path? Quickly clear them with a horizontal swipe.

Always Continue

When the balloon pops the first time, Rise Up lets you continue from where you left off on one condition: you must watch an ad. Sure, these ads take up time, but the fact that you get another shot at a high score will make the next 15-30 seconds worth it. Besides, you can always set the phone down and do something else while the ad plays, or regain your composure for when you’re ready to continue.

Be Careful How You Swipe

Watch where you swipe! Rise Up features real world physics, which means what comes up will always come down. Pay close attention to where objects travel on-screen. You want to get them all as far away from the balloon as possible. Additionally, make note of the environment. Flicking something into a wall will cause it to ricochet back towards the balloon.

Finally, consider the speed at which you hit objects with the Guard. Gently push something and it will travel at normal speed. Strike it with added force, however, and it will move faster.  Quickly pushing things aside is a great way to remove them from the screen, but this will cause havoc if they ricochet in the balloon’s direction.

If you haven’t played the game, don’t miss out. Download Rise Up for iPhone and Android today!

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