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Ring of Elysium – Is There a First-Person Mode?

by Larryn Bell

Fans of battle royale shooters like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite have caught wind of a new battle royale shooter on PC called Ring of Elysium. Developed by Chinese publisher Tencent, Ring of Elysium (shortened to ROE) is essentially a free-to-play clone of PUBG. Since Ring of Elysium is currently only available in Asia, you’ll have to jump through some hoops to install Ring of Elysium and get it running in English. If you’re someone who wants to know more about the game before going through the motions to get it running on PC, then you’d probably like to learn about the game’s basic features, such as what modes it has and whether or not it can be played in first-person.

Ring of Elysium Third Person

What Game Modes Does Ring of Elysium Have?

As a shameless PUBG clone, Ring of Elysium offers many of the same gameplay features as Bluehole’s popular title. The game follows the typical battle royale formula. In ROE, players are dropped onto an island and must try to eliminate opponents to become the last player standing. All the while, a danger zone slowly closes in, bringing players closer to one another as the match winds down. Players must scavenge for weapons and equipment to aid in their survival while remaining within the safe zone.

Like most battle royale games these days, Ring of Elysium features several multiplayer modes for players to join. Those who wish to survive with a friend can team up in squads of up to four players. If you’d rather survive alone, you can queue up as a solo player instead. You’ll have no one else to worry about but yourself, but you won’t have anyone watching your back, either.

Can Ring of Elysium Be Played in First-Person?

One of the areas where Ring of Elysium differs from PUBG is in the types of perspectives available. While PUBG allows players to toggle between both third-person and first person perspectives, Ring of Elysium can only be played in third-person, at least in its current state. 

Although Ring of Elysium doesn’t have a dedicated first-person mode like PUBG does, that doesn’t make third-person mode any less functional. Third-person shooters allow players to peek around corners and see the area around their characters more easily, broadening the scope of information available to the player. While it would be nice to be able to toggle between first- and third-person in Ring of Elysium, first-person mode really isn’t all that necessary.

If you’ve recently downloaded Ring of Elysium and want to learn more about customizing your in-game character, head over to our guide on how to unlock new clothes in Ring of Elysium.

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