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Ring of Elysium Heats Up with Volcanic Island Map ‘Europa’

by Larryn Bell

Tencent’s Ring of Elysium is changing from the cold climate to a much warmer environment with the introduction of the new Europa Island map, which is set to arrive next week alongside the Adventurer Pass. The new map drops players into a Mediterranean-themed island setting that features an active volcano named Alecto.

The new volcanic island map also introduces several new modes of transportation as well. While trying to escape the volcanic ash and chaos as the circle closes in, players can hop on a hang glider or BMX bike to make a fast getaway, or use a grappling hook to get up high and gain some perspective. 

The Europa Island map will also feature submarines for players who prefer underwater travel. Just watch out for the underwater sea creatures and monsters that lurk deep within the depths to thwart your escape plans. For a glimpse of what the fiery new map has in store, check out the official trailer for the Europa Island map below.

The volcanic Europa Island map will land on January 16, which is also when Adventurer Pass Season 2 begins. The Season 2 pass features three new characters for players to choose from, each of which having two unique styles and appearances. Ring of Elysium is currently available on PC as a free download on Steam. If you’re new to the game, check out our Ring of Elysium guides for gameplay tips and tutorials. 

Larryn Bell

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