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How to Download and Install Ring of Elysium

by Josh Hawkins

For a while, Ring of Elysium has been building a name for itself as a nice contender in the battle royale arena, gaining popularity alongside titles like PUBG and Fortnite. People have been asking how to download and install Ring of Elysium for some time. Now, the battle royale game developed by Tencent Games is openly available to players all over the world, making it much easier to download and install Ring of Elysium. Despite that, here’s everything you need to know to download and install Ring of Elysium and get right into the action for yourself.

How to Download Ring of Elysium


If you first started playing Ring of Elysium back when it first started making waves in the battle royale community, then you probably remember all the hoops you used to have toin order to download Ring of Elysium and play it in English. Now, though, things are much easier.

Instead of having to worry about all the different hoops and protocols, players can download Tencent’s hit battle royale game directly through Steam. This allows more players than ever to dive into the game and enjoy the battle royale experience it has to offer without as many obstacles.

To download Ring of Elysium, all you’ll need to do is launch Steam and then search for the game in the Steam Store. This will allow you to download and install it, giving you access to the game without as many hoops.

Once you’ve downloaded Ring of Elysium, getting started is a simple as launching the game and diving right into the action. From here you’ll just need to set up your display properties and then dive right into a game. You’ll also need to make a character, but that shouldn’t take you all that long to get set up. Make sure you create a character you don’t mind using for a while, as restarting your character won’t be easy.

Now that you know how to download Ring of Elysium’s latest version, make sure you check out all of our other Ring of Elysium guides where you’ll learn more about the game. Curious what it is and how Ring of Elysium compares to PUBG? We’ve got you covered there as well.

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