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Resident Evil Village | How to Solve Hall of Ablution Puzzle

by Prima Games Staff

The Hall of Ablution Puzzle in Resident Evil Village feels like something out of an older Resident Evil game in its set-up but thankfully you’re not being chased by Mr. X or Nemesis while trying to move the puzzle pieces around. 

Resident Evil Village | How to Solve Hall of Ablution Puzzle

Ethan Winters also has two hands for now too, which is great because he’s going to need them to move the big statues in this room. There’s a large pool of water in the middle of the room with a statue at each corner of it. 

There’s also a plaque on the wall that provides an ominous hint about what to do in the room. It’s an effective and fun puzzle, despite its effects on the Castle Dimitrescu water bill. 

The plaque reads, “Women are blind to male advances, but the poor shall take their chances to give their lord their bounty sown, so that soon the wine may flow.”

It’s quite the riddle but it makes a littles sense after you start to think about it. It’s a pretty elaborate lock sequence for a wine cellar but I guess Lady Dimitrescu wants to keep her bloody, aged wine nice and safe. It’d be a shame if there wasn’t enough to go around at the next Vampire Witch Lycan party. 

The statues in each corner are as follows: Classy Woman, Group of Poor People, the Lord on a Horse, and a Hooded Woman. Each statue can be moved left or right but we need them all facing the correct spots to drain the pool and open up the next area for progression. 

To solve this puzzle we need to move the statues so they’re facing the following directions when Ethan is standing behind them: 

  • Classy Woman: Move her Left so she is facing the Hooded Woman

  • Hooded Woman: Move her Right so she is facing the Classy Woman

  • Group of Poor People: Move them Right so they’re facing the Lord on the Horse

  • Lord on a Horse: Move him Right so he’s facing the Hooded Woman

This will drain the pool of water in the middle, revealing a set of stairs Ethan can take to the next area, bringing you one step closer to saving Rose. It’s too bad the statues don’t move back after a while on their own; that’d be a pretty cool way to seal an entrance behind you.

Now head down those newly revealed stairs and go get that next mask for the Hall of the Four before Ethan’s hand gets removed for the tenth time. 

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