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Resident Evil 7 – How To Find Repair Kits

by Josh Hawkins

Players might have noticed the two broken weapons that they come across during Resident Evil 7’s main story. These items can be repaired using Repair Kits, which can only be found in two different places in Resident Evil 7. In this article we’ll show you how to find repair kits in Resident Evil 7, so that you can repair those broken weapons and unlock even stronger guns to help you defeat your foes.

Repair Kit 1

The first repair kit can only be found after you gain access to the Yard, which can only be done after you find all three of the Dog Head items that open the back door. Once you’ve unlocked the door, head outside and look for Zoe’s camper across the Yard. There aren’t any enemies in this area, so don’t worry about having to fight anything. Instead, turn and look at the house. You should notice a small area of the siding that can be seen between the two stairs that lead onto the back porch.

Move up to the house and look for a metal sheet of siding that you can interact with. Once you find it, tear it off, and then crawl inside to find a box that you can break with your knife. Inside the box you will find a nice and shiny Repair Kit. Now you just need to find one of those broken guns to use it on. Luckily, one of those can be found inside the trailer, sitting on the bed.

Repair Kit 2

The final Repair Kit available in the game is actually found when solving one of the game’s three Treasure Photos. You can learn more about how to solve Treasure Photos by heading over to our guide. To find the Treasure Photo, head up into the Main House and make your way to the Master Bedroom. You’ll need to find the Snake Key before you can access this area, so be sure you already have that item before continuing.

Once in the Master Bedroom, head into the extra room on the side, which is labeled Storage on the map. Inside you’ll find the Treasure Photo, which you will need to even be able to find the Repair Kit. It won’t show up unless you have found this photo.

With the photo in tow, head to the Testing Area, which requires the two keycards that Lucas mentioned in your earlier phone call. Inside the fourth room, look for a cage-like structure with a mannequin head on it. Tough the mannequin’s head to find this Repair Kit. You can now use this item to repair the broken shotgun, which we detail more in our guide on how to get the M21 Shotgun.

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