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Resident Evil 7 – How to Defeat Marguerite Baker

by Josh Hawkins

Marguerite Baker is the third big boss that players run into when completing the story in Resident Evil 7. Players will need to defeat her in two different areas of the Baker residence. in this article we’ll teach you everything you need to know about surviving the Old House and Greenhouse boss battles against Marguerite Baker. Obviously, some spoilers will follow, so only continue reading this article if you are already at this point, and need help to beat Marguerite Baker in Resident Evil 7.

How to Defeat Marguerite in the Old House

After you have made your way into the Old House, you’ll need to find the Crow Key. Once you have this special item, make your way towards the Crow Door that leads to the upstairs section of the house. Here you’ll encounter Marguerite, who throws you backwards down the stairs. The floor will break beneath you, dropping you into a pit, where you’ll need to fight off Marguerite’s insects.

This fight isn’t really that hard to complete. Take out any large insects that come your way, and use the Shotgun to clear out any large swaths of bugs that Marguerite summons down upon you. In the meantime, focus your fire on the old woman, focusing your shots on her head. After a few good hits she’ll stumble back, giving you a small break to deal with a few more insects.

Continue this cycle until Marguerite is defeated and falls into the pit with you. Ignore her pleas and climb up the ladder before she can dissolve, as the black goop that she turns into will damage you. Now head upstairs and explore the Old House until you find a door that is blocked by a device that requires a lantern to unlock it. 

Return downstairs to hear a loud crash. Look down in the pit to see a now transformed Marguerite scurrying away down a tunnel. Ignore the pounding in your heart and dive in after her, chasing after her spiderlike form until you arrive at a ladder that leads up to the Greenhouse.

How to Defeat Marguerite in the Greenhouse

This is the final battle between Ethan and Marguerite, and it is a tough one. Like Jack Baker, her husband, Marguerite takes quite a few hits to go down, so players will want to bring their toughest firepower to the battle. We’d suggest finding out how to get the Grenade Launcher before you go into this battle, as it will be extremely helpful in taking Marguerite’s health down a good bit.

Once you’re ready to go in, head up the stairs and into the Greenhouse. Drop down through a hole in the floor, and then head up the stairs to get the fight started.

The biggest key to winning this fight is to always stay on the move. Marguerite’s spider-like movements allow her to climb on walls and ceilings, and she’ll always be looking for ways to come at you from above. Use your Burner to keep her in check, as damage from it will cause her to fall off of walls. You should also avoid the stairwell as much as possible, as she can attack you from the window and deal large amounts of damage.

Marguerite’s weakspots are her head, and a nest of spiders that rest beneath her stomach. We suggest aiming for her head when she’s coming at you, and then hitting her with everything you’ve got in the spider nest when she is crawling away. It’s a balance of changing up where you’re attacking at that will help you in the long run.

The Shotgun can be extremely useful during this boss fight, so make sure you have plenty of rounds for it before going in. If you find yourself running low on First Aid Meds or bullets, look around the environment, as there are plenty of items strewn around to help you out. Avoid her long arms, as they will try to hit you, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble taking her down.

The final tip we’d suggest following, is to stick around the bottom floor of the Greenhouse, as this leaves less room for Marguerite to attack from above. 

If you follow the tips we’ve outlined above, you should be able to take Marguerite down fairly easily. Of course, this fight isn’t meant to be easy, and she is a bit of a bullet sponge, so be prepared to eat through a large portion of your ammo before the fight is said and done. Once she dies, pick up her lantern and head back over to the Old House to find out what secrets she is hiding.

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