Resident Evil 7 – All Antique Coin Locations

Find out how to find all the Antique Coins and acquire the Pelicans in Your Pocket achievement in Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil 7 has plenty of goodies strewn around its levels, but Antique Coins are one item players will want to pay special attention to. These special coins can actually be used to purchase upgrades throughout the game, which can come in very handy when dealing with the monstrosities that players will encounter. In this article we’ll teach you the location of every Antique Coin in Resident Evil 7, and show you how to get the Pelicans in Your Pocket trophy/achievement.

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How to Use Antique Coins

As we stated above, Antique Coins are special because of their ability to be used to purchase upgrades. These upgrades can be found inside of bird cages that appear throughout the game. Players will find their first bird cages shortly after exiting the Main House, inside Zoe’s Camper.

Due to the story-driven nature of Resident Evil 7, this guide will contain some story spoilers. For those who wish to play the game without any spoilers, please be wary of continuing through this guide, as it may spoil some of the moments included in the game’s story. It should also be noted that every map location we use will be outlined in bold so that you can easily compare the name to your location on the map.

All Antique Coins in Easy and Normal

Antique Coin 1

The first Antique Coin can be found in Guest House 1F, inside of a locked drawer in the Kitchen area. Unfortunately, there aren’t any lockpicks around this area at the start, but you can grab this coin another way. Load up the Derelict House Footage VHS Tape and play through it. At the start, while still outside, look around the back of the area for a lockpick. Once you head inside the Guest House, use the lockpick on the drawer, and then finish the tape. After watching the tape, return to the Kitchen to find the drawer unlocked and an Antique Coin inside.

Antique Coin 2

The second Antique Coin can be found after the family dinner sequence. Once you move into the crawlspace underneath Main House 1F, when trying to escape Jack. Crawl through the area towards the exit and look for this Antique Coin on the edge of a lawnmower. Grab it before continuing forward.

Antique Coin 3

Players can find the third Antique Coin within the Main Hall of Main House 1F. The coin can be found inside of a drawer in the upper left hand area of the room, when looking at your map. The dresser holding the coin is just before you get to the old sofa and the door that requires three dog heads to open.

Antique Coin 4

The next Antique Coin is found up in the Recreation Room of Main House 2F. Head up the steps in the Main Hall and make your way to the Recreation Room. You’ll find the Antique Coin above the pool table, close to the locked door that leads to Grandma’s Room.

Antique Coin 5

While on the second floor of the Main House, make your way over to the Bathroom and look in the toilet inside. You’ll find another Antique Coin there, waiting to be collected.

Antique Coin 6

The sixth Antique Coin is found inside of the Drawing Room of Main House 1F. This is the room with the deer replica and the whiteboard. The Antique Coin can be found resting in the ashtray in this room.

Antique Coin 7

This seventh Antique Coin is found in the Processing Area that players must traverse in the Main House basement. The coin is found inside the same area as the Scorpion Key, which also happens to be the room where you get the Processing Area Map. Grab the map, then turn to the left and take note of the wooden pallet leaning against the wall. Crouch down here and grab the Antique Coin in the small cubby behind the pallet.

Antique Coin 8

The next Antique Coin is found after players have made their way into the yard with Zoe’s Camper. This can only be accomplished after fighting Jack for the second time, and finding all of the dog heads that open the back door. Head outside and down the stairs, taking a right at the bottom. Take another right, and move up towards the house’s lower level. There’s a coin hidden inside a potted plant in this area. Search until you find it.

Antique Coin 9

Head inside Zoe’s Camper and look around for the bird cages that you can use the Antique Coins at. There is one marker “Magnum”. Look down in front of this bird cage to find another Antique Coin.

Antique Coin 10

Players will need to continue into the Old House to find the next Antique Coin. As part of the story you will crouch through a small hole and catch a brief glimpse of Ethan’s wife, Mia. The hallway that leads to this room has a trolley in it. Look for the coin on top of the trolley.

Antique Coin 11

This next Antique Coin is found in the same area as the Crow Key. Look in the outhouse that is furthest north. The Antique Coin can be found on top of the toilet.

Antique Coin 12

After you open up the Crow Door on Old House 2F, continue to a dead end, where you find out that you need a lantern to continue. There is a set of drawers that can be looted in this room. This Antique Coin can be found inside of the topmost drawer.

Antique Coin 13

Players can find the thirteenth Antique Coin inside of Testing Area 1F. At the end of a long corridor you will find a small storage room, just before you go into the barn. The room is booby trapped, so shoot the wire out with your gun to make it safe. Look in the drawer of the green desk inside to find this Antique Coin.

Antique Coin 14

After the fight in the barn, you’ll reach an area on Testing Area 2F that has a button, which opens a staircase that leads back down to Testing Area 1F. Look for a set of chest-high shelves in this room, and grab the Antique Coin off the shelf in the corner.

Antique Coin 15

This Antique Coin can be found on Wrecked Ship 1F, as you climb through the ship. You’ll be granted a brief flashback to a couple of workers working on a duct. Once the flashback ends, the duct will be open, and you can drop into a hole that allows you to go one of two directions. Head left to continue, but head right and you’ll find this Antique Coin at a dead end.

Antique Coin 16

The next Antique Coin can also be found on Wrecked Ship 1F. While progressing through the story you’ll come to a dead body, and be able to drop into the water. If you look around, you will spot a ladder. The Antique Coin is to the left of this ladder, in the water.

Antique Coin 17

The second to last Antique Coin found in Easy and Normal mode can be found in Wrecked Ship 3F. The coin is hidden inside of a massive red box, which just so happens to be locked. Head back down to Wrecked Ship 2F and look for the lockpick in the northern section of the map, where you will find a side room with a ladder inside. Climb up the ladder to find some ammunition and a box with the lockpick inside. Head back to the big red box and open it up to get the Antique Coin.

Antique Coin 18

The final Antique Coin in Resident Evil 7’s Easy and Normal difficulty modes can be found inside of a locked box on Wrecked Ship S2. You need Corrosive to melt through the lock on the box. Once you have the item, use it on the box to open it up and acquire this Antique Coin.

These are all the Antique Coins hidden throughout the Easy and Normal difficulty modes in Resident Evil 7. In Madhouse mode these locations vary quite a bit, and the coins will be harder to find. Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about the locations of Antique Coins in Madhouse mode, so we’ll update the guide with further information at a later date.

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