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Resident Evil 3 Demo: Every Easter Egg Found

by Ginny Woo

If you’re someone who took pleasure in playing the Resident Evil 3 demo and letting your nostalgia run rampant, then you’re definitely not alone. However, what you may not have fully comprehended is the scale of the references to old Capcom properties, popular movies, and the original Resident Evil 3 that showed up in the most recent iteration of the gameplay. If you’re interested in every Easter egg in the Resident Evil 3 demo, then here’s what we’ve found.

Resident Evil 3 Demo: Every Easter Egg Found

The Resident Evil 3 demo takes place in a derelict subway, but before players are even acquainted with their undead nemeses, there’s one thing to wade through first – no, it’s not a tutorial. We’re talking about Easter eggs. The Resident Evil 3 demo is totally packed with them, as we’ve mentioned, and we’ve listed them out here. If you missed them the first time, well, you just have to go back and essentially check all the posters that were stuck to the walls of the subway tunnel. We’ve listed out the various Easter eggs that show up in the subway level here, so let us know if you’ve spotted them yourself too!

  • Big E poster – this is a reference from the original Resident Evil 3
  • Mega Man poster – if you’re looking hard enough, you’ll also be able to find a Mega Man poster just kicking about
  • Mega Man status – if you’re looking in the Toy Uncle store window, you’ll see a Mega Man statue
  • Old Resident Evil 3 posters – there are classic versions of old Resident Evil 3 ad material plastered on the various subway walls
  • Popular movie posters – you’ll see movie posters that evoke popular films like IT and Alien on the subway station walls
  • Raccoon Toons poster – this shows up on a shop window in the Resident Evil 3 demo
  • Raccoon City clock – this appears as a reference to the clock puzzle in the 1999 Resident Evil game which players had to piece together after scouring various levels for parts
  • Safspin and AquaCure posters – these were posters from the original game, where one of the advertisements’ names would open a vault where players could get items. In this most recent demo, the Aqua Cure password lets you unlock a safe containing handgun additions
  • Stagla gas station – this gas station appears in the Resident Evil 3 demo and is a prominent location in the original game, though we’re not sure if we’re going to be able to access it this time around

Now that you too have checked out every Easter egg in the Resident Evil 3 Demo, your hype for the game has likely increased. All those Capcom posters definitely had us a little nostalgic for older titles, but we’re nothing if not ready for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis to finally rear its head. All the horror references in the demo certainly didn’t hurt at all! Need to know anything else about Resident Evil 3? Why not check out these other tips and tricks that we’ve put together for everyone else who’s looking forward to this as well?

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