Resident Evil 0 Remaster Tips and Tricks

Want to stay alive? Use these tips to kill the undead.

Just as it did last year with the original Resident Evil, Capcom gave its previous GameCube exclusive Resident Evil 0 a do-over, complete with high-definition visuals, the introduction of a new control scheme and other features that fans of the series will enjoy.

If you’re getting into the game for the first time, or it’s been a few years since you played it, we have some basic tips to get started.

You Don’t Have to Stick With the Default Controls

Everyone knows the early Resident Evil games didn’t have the greatest control schemes in the world. The “tank”-like controls, where you had to turn manually and then move your character (causing havoc when trying to get away from an enemy) were trying for some. However, with the remake of 0, a new control scheme makes getting around much easier.

This may be a better control set-up for players to try, as it fits more of a traditional style of play instead of having to struggle with getting used to turning around. It’ll also make it easier to escape some dangerous situations, like when you have more than one zombie chasing you. 

For those who absolutely prefer playing the “classic” way as far as Resident Evil 0 goes, that option is included. However, if you’re a newcomer or want to see how much better the controls work, stick with the other method.

In addition, you can also give commands to a secondary player who joins you – in this case, Billy Coen, who will accompany Rebecca Chambers. You can choose whomever you control, but the other can be controlled with stop or go commands. In addition, you’ll be able to split up and complete certain puzzles as well. 

Tips for Killing Enemies 

When it comes to dealing with enemies in Resident Evil 0, you should be able to see these creatures coming from a good distance away depending on your difficulty setting. On easy they’ll take their time, allowing you to line them up in your sights.

With zombies, aim for the head, as that assures they’ll be done for. It also beats wasting shots into their chests, which will eventually bring them down but deplete your ammo clips. 

Remember to use your knife. In some situations, like with slow, lumbering zombies, you can hack away at these foes in a convenient enough range that you don’t have to worry about them grabbing you. With stronger enemies like the giant scorpion you’ll face on the train, you need a powerful sidearm like the shotgun. 

Spiders require you to aim a little closer to the ground, since they’ll crawl right up to you. Try to unload a few bullets into them before they get close enough to bite. They may also crawl on the walls, but you’ll be able to see them clearly, so you can shoot them before they reach you. Watch out for surprise arachnids that drop. You’ll have to deal with them quickly. 

Puzzle solving will usually revolve around item collection to get ahead, as well as occasional trial and error. When you get to the big chess game, for example, you’ll want to time your moves as well as possible, lest you end up filling the room with poison gas. 

This is especially true when you come across switches. One particular panel, for instance, will have five switches, and you’ll need to experiment with them in order to push the meter to a particular red point – which you can do with trial and error. By flipping the right switches, you’ll be able to turn off a steam valve and move forward in the game. 

Item Management 

The inventory management system in Resident Evil 0 still takes some getting used to, as Capcom organized it into a two-page system, where you can figure out what you’re supposed to use. If you pick up a lot of icons – health, weapons, etc. – you’re going to need to manage this sooner rather than later, provided you can find a safe spot to do it in. 

There’s only so much you can carry, so try to stick with vital stuff that you can use over the course of the game. Ammunition is top priority, and it doesn’t hurt to have something to revive your health in case you’re running low. Of course, you’ll also want to save spots for keys that will open doors, along with other things to move you forward. 

However, there is good news. In the past, the only way to drop an item was to take it to a chest in the game, meaning you were practically stuck with it until you found one. With Resident Evil 0 you can drop items anywhere, making your inventory a bit easier to organize. 

Remember, keep a close eye on your stuff, and if you need to make room, do away with what you think you won’t use and keep what you will. 

Good luck!

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