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Remnant 2 Xbox Hotfix Patch Notes – August 2 2023

A wholesome patch indeed.

Gunfire Games has issued a seemingly small, but actually pretty important hotfix update for Xbox Series X and S players on August 2, 2023, which players are sure to be very happy with. A lot of potentially game-breaking bugs have been squashed and I will be more than happy to present to you what’s new in Remnant 2 Hotfix Patch Notes.

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What’s New in Remnant 2 Xbox Series X and S Hotfix

We have one big setting introduced to the game (that a lot of players like to turn off) and about half a dozen of bug fixes.

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  • Toned down the player’s VO comments. 
  • Added an option in the menu to turn motion blur on/off. (Thank you so much for this)


  • Progression Blocker Fix for Labyrinth cinematic crashing and key not being awarded.  
  • Progression Blocker Fix for exiting out of the first lab cinematic and not receiving the zone door keys.  
  • Progression Blocker Fix for Water Harp lever no longer working 
  • Progression Blocker Fix where Nightweaver Web would consume items you need for quest puzzles. If an item was consumed it should now be back in your inventory. 
  • Added fix for Ultimate Edition players not receiving Gunslinger Engram in the game if they didn’t start with Gunslinger.  
  • Added a fix for players possibly becoming invisible when using the Labyrinth portal.  
  • Added a fix to prevent the host’s save from getting changed if they quit the game while dead and then joined someone else’s game.

That’s all. I commend Gunfire Games for pushing this out now, specifically for the Xbox platform, instead of waiting for the next major update. If you want to read more about Remnant 2 here at Prima Games, feel free to explore the game tag below, or visit some of our most popular guides right now such as Remnant 2: All Yaesha questions and answers listed and Remnant 2 weapons tier list – best weapons and guns in Remnant 2

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