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Remnant 2: Morrow Parish Sanatorium Safe Code Explained

Skip the dolls.

Remnant 2 is full of secrets that lead to some fantastic loot, and there was never any doubt that the Morrow Parish Sanatorium would have something like a safe code as well. I’ll give you the exact code you need in this guide, or how to find it if you like searching for secrets on your own.

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What is the Morrow Parish Safe Code?

To unlock the safe at the Morrow Parish Sanatorium, use the code 2971 on the lock. When you interact with the safe, a lock will appear on the screen and you can rotate the numbers. After you have entered the correct numbers, make sure to confirm the safe code. Using the right numbers won’t automatically unlock the safe in Remnant, so make sure to confirm the numbers.

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The code may not work for every player in every Remnant 2 campaign, especially with the random nature of the Adventure Modes. So if you try the safe code 2971 and it doesn’t work, you will need to get the code the right way, which is by finding dolls.

Where to Find the Morrow Parish Sanat Safe Code

You need to find three stone-carved dolls around the Morrow Parish Sanatorium to get the full code in Remnant 2. When you have all three dolls, you can bring them to the basement and offer them to the woman behind the steel door. She will proceed to sing a song with numbers, and that is the safe code you need.

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Carved Dolls Locations in Morrow Parish Sanatorium:

  • First Doll: In the next room over from the safe room, behind a broken bookshelf.
  • Second Doll: Outside in the Morrow Parish Sanatorium yard toward the back right corner.
  • Third Doll: On the top floor of the Sanatorium.

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Once you have all the dolls collected and the safe code, you can finally claim your loot. Enter the code in the lock and now you have a brand-new double barrel side arm that dishes out tons of close-quarters damage.

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