Remnant 2 Level Scaling
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Remnant 2 Level Scaling Explained

Get the right scaling.

Level scaling is a very real aspect of Remnant 2, and while it can be fairly complicated to tell how the scaling works, it can have a significant effect on your current run through the campaign. In this guide, we will outline how the system works in solo and co-op settings, which both have their own approaches.

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How Does Remnant 2 Solo Level Scaling Work?

Any time you enter a new world in a solo campaign, all of the enemies will scale to the item with the highest power currently in your inventory. As soon as you start the new world, all of the enemies will remain at the same level for the rest of that campaign.

However, when you go to Adventure Mode and reset a campaign world, the level scaling will also change in Remnant 2. This can be used to ensure that better materials and enemies with more XP are available anywhere you go. Just keep in mind that starting a new campaign level will shuffle the map as well, and major world bosses will always have a minimum level.

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How Does Remnant 2 Co-op Level Scaling Work?

Level scaling in co-op worlds doesn’t work the same as it does in a solo setting. When every player in the squad enters the same world, the enemies will scale to the player with the highest power. Even if that player isn’t the host, they can cause enemies to scale to their power.

The catch is that the enemies can’t go more than three levels of power over the host. So the host of the world can still be under-leveled, but there is no scenario where enemy levels will scale 10 levels higher.

For those of you who haven’t tried co-op just yet, read through my guide on how many players can join co-op in Remnant 2.

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