Remnant 2: How to Solve the Postulants Parlor Chess Puzzle

And our competitor has begun shooting the statue! Truly a Kasparov move.

Remnant 2 Postulant's Parlor Puzzle
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While going through the various encounters in Remnant 2, chances are you’re going to come across various puzzles that you need to complete. Some should have clear answers almost immediately, while others can take some thinking and practice to figure out. One that’s tripping some people up involves a simple game of Chess…sort of. Here’s how to solve the Postulant’s Parlor Chess puzzle in Remnant 2.

How to Beat the Chess Game in Remnant 2

You’ll first find this puzzle when going to the other end of the Postulant’s Parlor section of Losomn. You’ll need to work your way past a bunch of open doors and Fae enemies in this weird pattern before making it there. In the room lies a stone character alongside the chessboard, even if it’s more of a match-three game. Your goal here is to get three pieces in a row before your opponent does, or you’ll face a stack of Curse.

As for how you want to beat this game, we can’t give an exact move order due to the random nature of your opponent’s moves, but we can provide some tips to keep you from losing.

The first big tip is to try to control the middle square, as it’ll leave many opportunities for you to score some lines. You can move that piece every once in a while, but the longer you hold that square, the better.

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The other major tip is to get your second piece in a corner where possible. The AI doesn’t seem to love you taking corners, so having one along with that center square can open you for a quick finish.

That’s sadly all we can give for advice. Ensure you’re trying new moves each time, and you should have it after a few attempts. If you are afflicted with all five stacks of Curse you have imposed on yourself, head back to the Worldstone, and you’ll cleanse them all. For beating the statue, you’ll snag yourself the Royal Hunting Bow, which can do some surprising damage once you’ve learned the timing of it.

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