Remnant 2: How to Complete the Ethereal Manor Puzzle

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Remnant 2 One True King's Castle
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Remnant 2 is a game of many puzzles, and its first DLC, The Awakened King, is no different. Here’s how to complete the Ethereal Manor puzzle in Remnant 2.

How to Solve the Ethereal Manor Puzzle in Remnant 2

The Ethereal Manor puzzle first appears as part of The Awakened King DLC for Remnant 2. When exploring the area of the Sunken Haunt (which may or may not appear on your run), you’ll come across a manor that originally doesn’t seem like it has much. However, you’ll find a Dran that yells “Wake up!” at you when you get close to it. This respawns you in the Ethereal Manor, thus beginning the puzzle.

Within the Etheral Manor are five separate doors. Four of these doors house that same Dran who will yell the same thing at you, before starting you back at the beginning of the puzzle. Your goal is to pick the right door each time you enter the manor. The correct door won’t have a Dran, and instead houses a quest item. When you enter the correct door the first time, you’ll get a Strange Talisman. This will get bloodier with each door you get right until you reach the final door.

If you’re having trouble picking the right doors, here’s each door you should take in order:

  • First door on the right of the entrance.
  • Second door on the right of the second floor.
  • Second door on the right of the first floor.
  • Single door on the left on the second floor.
  • First door on the right on the second floor.

Once you’ve gone through all five doors, you should receive the Death-Soaked Idol amulet. This amulet increases all damage by 5% for each entity within 20m suffering from a unique Negative Status Effect, to a maximum of five stacks. You can also leave the Ethereal Manor to teleport back to the Sunken Haunt and continue forward.

If you’re looking for more help acquiring secrets in the new DLC, check out our guide on how to get the Ritualist Scythe in Remnant 2.

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