Remnant 2: All Trophies and Achievements

The path to the Remnant II Platinum trophy or 1,000 Xbox Gamerscore

Remnant has officially returned, thanks to the newly released Remnant II on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. The latest entry in the Remnant series also provides a list of trophies and achievements for its players to complete and is filled to the brim with miscellaneous tasks and unique challenges. Here are all of the trophies and achievements featured in Remnant II, including their respective PlayStation trophy rarity and Xbox Gamerscore.

Remnant II Trophy and Achievement Lists

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Unstoppable (Platinum Trophy)

Collected All Trophies (PlayStation only)

Blue Goddess (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Meet Nimue

Familiar Face (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Meet the Flautist

Equal Measures (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Receive an Alignment Reading from Meidra

Not a Janitor (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Meet the Custodian

Tall Tales (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Listen to All of Mudtooth’s Stories

Chaos (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Defeat the Ravager

Dark Designs (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Defeat the Nightweaver

Forever is a Long Time Coming (Gold Trophy / 50 Gamerscore)

Defeat the Final Boss

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Am I Seeing This? (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Defeat 10 Aberrations

Ghost in the Machine (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

Defeat 25 Aberrations

Gleaming the Cube (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Defeat the Labyrinth Boss

Madman’s Paradise (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Defeat Tal’Ratha

Not So Special Now (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Defeat 100 Special Enemies

Power Surge (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Defeat Guardian of N’Erud

Only Human (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Defeat a Boss in Single-Player Without Taking Any Damage

Quest for Survival (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Defeat a World Boss

The God Gambit (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Defeat Many Faces

The Killing Jar (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Defeat the Root Mantis

Traitor (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Defeat the Fae Imposter

Red Room (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Discover a Blood Moon Room

The Agenda (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Discover Leto’s Stash

Boss’n Up (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Craft a Boss Weapon

Edgelord (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Acquire 10 Melee Weapons

Cutting Edge (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Acquire 20 Melee Weapons

First of Many (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Choose Your First Archetype

Duality (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Slot a Second Archetype

Shhh…It’s a Secret (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Obtain a Secret Archetype

Top Performer (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Reach Level 10 on Any Archetype

Not Your Average Trait (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Obtain a Non-Starter Trait

All These Traits… (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Obtain 10 Traits

Proving Grounds (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Acquire 20 traits

Scrap Collector (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Acquire 50,000 Scrap

Scrap Hoarder (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Acquire 100,000 Scrap

Strapped (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Acquire 15 Guns

The Trigger (Silver Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Acquire 30 Guns

The Web (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Obtain an Item From the Nightweaver’s Web

Was This Supposed To Happen? (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Acquire a World Boss’s Alternate Reward

The Collector (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Acquire 10 Relics

Bad Moon Rising (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Craft an Item at the Blood Moon Altar

Carnage in C-Minor (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Play a Secret Song on the Water Harp

Expanding Horizons (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Craft a Non-Starter Weapon Mod

Crafty (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Craft 15 Weapon Mods

Trait Chaser (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Upgrade Any Trait to 10

Maxed Out! (Silver Trophy / 50 Gamerscore)

Acquire the Max Number of Trait Points

The Ultimate Weapon (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Upgrade a Boss Weapon to +10

Almost There (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Upgrade a Boss Weapon to +5

Good, But Could Be Better! (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Upgrade a Standard Weapon to +10

No One Should Have All That Power (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

Upgrade a Standard Weapon to +20

Make Some Room (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Upgrade Relic Capacity

Transmutate (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Upgrade a Weapon Mutator to +10

In total, Remnant II has 51 PlayStation trophies and 50 Xbox achievements. For more achievement guides on Prima, check out the trophy list for Telltale Games’ The Expanse.

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